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OHP Shuttle O Miticide

OHP Shuttle O Miticide is specially formulated to control many varieties of damaging mites. It works on all life cycle stages of mites through contact as well as ingestion. When applied as directed, Shuttle O provides a fast knockdown along with long-term residual control. The solution does not have any cross-resistance to existing miticides and is effective against resistant mite species, including the two spotted spider mite, citrus red mite, spruce spider mite, european red mite, willamette spider mite, pacific spider mite, strawberry spider mite and texas citrus mite. It is harmless to most varieties of beneficial insects and predacious mites.

SHUTTLE O is a miticide for the control of Citrus red mite, European red mite, Pacific spider mite, Texas citrus mite, Spruce spider mite, Strawberry spider mite, Willamette spider mite and Two spotted spider mite and Broad mite.

When applied to the foliage as directed, SHUTTLE O provides quick knockdown and long residual control. Due to its unique mode of action, SHUTTLE O is not expected to have cross-resistance to existing miticides and is very effective against various species of resistant and susceptible mites. SHUTTLE O is relatively harmless to most predacious mites and beneficial insects, making it compatible with IPM and resistance management programs.

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    5 of 5 stars  It F'n works!
    By Rupert in salmon arm on 04/19/2015

    I have been battling spider mites all year. I do my own cloning so those pesky eggs just keep transferring from crop to crop. I thought I was smart and introduced the predator mite. I let my guard down and the spider mite returned with a vengeance! ONE application of Shuttle O @ 1.0 ml per liter in a spray and they have vanished. Even the eggs left behind are deformed and disappearing. The residual is what makes this product shine. First it wipes them out and then stays on guard for up to 3 weeks. By then they are finished! I win!

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    5 of 5 stars  Shuttle - Super Effective on Two-spotted Mites.
    By Matt in Columbus, OH on 01/14/2017

    I used Shuttle at 3.75ml per gal on Daylilies grown in the greenhouse. The two-spotted mites had got out of control and I tried two other products that didn't seem to have any effect before using Shuttle. After the first application of Shuttle, I could not find a living mite after 7 days. I highly recommend this for two-spotted spider mites.

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02/26/2015 Todd from Sacramento Ca

QHow much Shuttle per gallon water for spider mites in garden?

AOHP Shuttle O Miticide application depends on what specifically you are applying to. On page 3 of the product label you want to mix 6.4 oz - 12.8 oz per 100 gallons. of water. So you would mix .064-.128 oz per gallon water. 

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07/20/2017 Kevin from Ca

QCan OHP Shuttle O Miticide be used in a fogger on cannabis? If yes, how many milliliters per gallon would be recommended?


OHP Shuttle O Miticide†is not labeled to be used in a fogger.†

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07/24/2016 Chuck from Ggrass Valley, Ca

QCan OHP Shuttle O Miticide be used on edible vegetables?


OHP Shuttle O Miticide†can be applied to vegetables listed on the product label.

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04/22/2017 Vanessa from Gilroy, Ca

QCan OHP Shuttle O Miticide be used on Owari Satsuma or any citrus trees?


OHP Shuttle O Miticide†is not labeled to be used on any fruit/citrus tree.

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