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OHP Sirocco Miticide Insecticide

The OHP Sirocco Miticide Insecticide is an effective plant protection agent that controls pests on crops. It features a unique combination of two insecticide and miticide compounds that provides quick knockdown and residual activity on mites, insects, thrips and other pests. Sirocco is formulated using a proprietary technique, which enhances the efficacy of the active ingredients bifenazate and abamectin. The special solution associates two modes of action: one that interferes with GABA nerve receptors and one that is active on the insect or mites neurological system in an unknown fashion. Sirocco is of great fit in resistance management strategy.


SIROCCO is a suspension concentrate (flowable) that will control the pests on the crops listed on this label when it is applied according to the Directions for Use. Thorough coverage of foliage is essential for good mite and insect control.


  • Adjuvant: Residual control of pests may be enhanced with the addition of a horticultural spray oil at 0.5 to 1.0% of the spray volume on field-grown woody ornamentals, landscape plants and Christmas trees. Some plants are sensitive to oils and so without prior experience the user should spray a small number of plants and observe plants for 2 weeks before spraying the remaining plants. Excessive cold or warm temperatures may increase the chance of plant damage following application with oils. Carefully read and follow directions on the oil label and do not exceed maximum rates listed on either label.
  • Phytotoxicity: The user should pre-test any proposed mixtures with SIROCCO to ensure the physical compatibility and lack of phytotoxic effects.



SIROCCO provides quick knockdown and long residual control of a wide variety of mite pests listed below on the following plants:

  • All ornamental plants, including bedding plants, flowering plants, foliage plants, bulb crops, perennials and trees and shrubs.
  • All non-bearing fruit trees which will not bear fruit for a minimum of 12 months.

SIROCCO can be used in the following areas where these plants are grown and/or maintained in containers or in the ground:

  • Greenhouses and shadehouses
  • Nurseries, including Christmas tree / conifer plantations
  • Landscapes
  • Interiorscapes



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09/07/2014 Sal from Oakland, Ca

QHow much OHP Sirocco Miticide/Insecticide do I add to a gallon of water?

AYou will use .03 fl. oz. of OHP Sirocco Miticide/Insecticide per gallon of water if you are treating for the various mites and/or .06 fl. oz. per gallon of water for leafminers, suppression of aphids, thrips and/or whiteflies. This product is labeled to be used in at least 100 gallons of water depending on what you are treating for. You will not make more than 2 applications per crop year. You will need to make sure you are using a sufficient amount of water for the product. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

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11/01/2015 Sam from Bay Area, Ca

QHow does OHP Sirocco Miticide / Insecticide kill broad and rust mite eggs, if neither Avid nor Floramite will kill eggs?


Sirocco Miticide / Insecticide does not list that it will kill the eggs of mites on the product label and there is not a product that we know of that can as the eggs are pretty well protected.†The product label directs to begin applications as soon as mites appear.

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05/07/2017 Howell from San Antonio,tx

QWill OHP Sirocco Miticide Insecticide work on cypress trees? And how to mix in 50 gallon tank?


Yes, OHP Sirocco Miticide Insecticide can be used on ornamental trees, such as cypress trees. The mixing rate in 50 gallons of water is 1.5 fl oz. This product can be applied after 7 days or as necessary to maintain control.

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