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Optimate CS

CSI Optimate CS is a microencapsulated insecticide for use on and around buildings and structures. CSI Optimate CS is for the control of listed pests, including on lawns, ornamental trees and shrubs, around residential, institutional, public, commercial, agricultural and industrial buildings; parks, recreational areas and athletic elds; and livestock/poultry housing and pet kennels.

New to the professional pest control market, and exclusive to CSI Optimate CS, Gamma-Cyhalothrin is a single biologically active isomer which allows for the same strength at half the use rate of Lambda-Cyhalothrin products.

For Poultry Housing: 1 pint of CSI Optimate CS treats up to 24,000 square feet when treating for litter beetles. Can be used on entire footing, crack and crevice, or banded applications. Effective against adults and immature Darkling beetles, Hide and Carrion beetles.

In University testing, CSI Optimate CS killed 100% of big-headed ants over twice as fast after 4 weeks than Lambda-Cyhalothrin.

Product Documents

Directions for Use:

All outdoor applications must be limited to spot or crack-and-crevice treatments only, except for the following permitted uses:

  1. Treatment to soil or vegetation around structures;
  2. Applications to lawns, turf, and other vegetation;
  3. Applications to building foundations, up to a maximum height of 3 feet.

Other than applications to building foundations, all outdoor applications to impervious surfaces such as sidewalks, driveways, patios, porches, and structural surfaces (such as windows, doors, and eaves) are limited to spot and crack-and-crevice applications only.

Outdoor Surfaces and Perimeters

To control flies, fleas, mosquitoes, ants, bees, wasps, centipedes, cockroaches, crickets, pillbugs, scorpions, sowbugs, spiders, termites* (above ground only), ticks and other listed pests, apply OptiMate CS with either hand or power application equipment as a residual treatment to ornamental plants next to foundations of buildings and to external surfaces of buildings, porches, screens, door and window frames, eaves, patios, garages, refuse dumps and other areas where insects rest or congregate. OptiMate CS may also be applied to lawns around non-residential buildings, or to refuse dumps or other non-residential areas where these insect pests congregate. Remove all exposed food and cooking utensils and cover all food handling surfaces or wash thoroughly after treatment and before use.                         Do Not Use on Edible Crops.

For Perimeter treatments, apply a continual band of insecticide around building foundations and around windows, doors, service line entrances, eaves, vents, and other areas to reduce the potential for entry by crawling pests. Before application, remove debris and leaf litter from next to the foundation, cut back vegetation and branches that touch the foundation, and move or rake back rocks, deep mulch, or other potential pest harborage next to the foundation. apply the band up to 10 ft. wide around the structure (or according to state regulations governing commercial pest control) and upwards along the foundation to 3 ft. and around windows, doors, and roof overhangs. apply as a coarse spray to thoroughly and uniformly wet the foundation and/or band area so that the insecticide will reach the soil or thatch level where pests may be active

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including naphthalene which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. 

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08/20/2014 Joe from Jackson

QWill Optimate CS kill root aphids?
Will Optimate CS kill root aphids, and can i use it to treat cannibus and what is the rui? do I have to flush or can be used up until harvest?

AOptimate CS is labeled to kill aphids on ornamentals and turf grass. It is not labeled to be used on cannibus.

EverGreen Pyrethrum Concentrate is labeled to kill aphids and can be used on cannibus. This can be used up to two to three weeks before harvest.

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10/17/2013 Justin from Naples, Florida

QWill Optimate CS get rid of big headed ants? If so, how often should I treat a house inside and out?

AOptimate CS is labeled for big headed ants. You should treat monthly outdoors and once every three months inside. Please click on the product label for specific mixing and application instructions.

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11/07/2012 Barbara from Seminole, Florida

Qwill this product control bird mites in a chicken coupe?
the mites are not the red mite that attack chickens. They possibly came from blue jays or ravens. Thanks

AOptimate CS is not actually labeled for bird mites though it is labeled for many other kinds of mites. We recommend that you contact the manufacturer directly to see if they would recommend their product for bird mite control. You can reach Control Solutions by calling 1-281-892-2500.

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09/02/2014 Danny from Lindon

QHow does Optimate CS compare to Cyzmic CS as a general pest control treatment around the home?


Optimate CS and Cyzmic CS are both microencapsulated insecticides for use on and around buildings and structures. Optimate CS contains Gamma-cyhalothrin and Cyzmic CS contains
Lamda Cyhalothrin as its active ingredient. Both are great general pest control products and made by the same manufacturer.

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