Orcon Control Scale Aphytis Melinus (5000 live adults) (AM-C5000)


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Orcon Control Scale Aphytis Melinus (5000 live adults) (AM-C5000)

The Orcon Control Scale Aphytis Melinus (5,000 live adults) (AM-C5000) contains live parasitic wasps that effectively work against a variety of damaging scale on citrus trees. They target Oleander scales, Yellow scales, Red scales and more. Apply 1 per 20 scales, 1 per 2 square feet, 10,000 per acre or 500 to 1,000 per tree. Use 3 releases at 2 week intervals. One box includes 5,000 live adult parasitic wasps.


USE: Aphytis melinus is a parasite that is effective on several different kinds of scale, including: red scale, yellow scale, oleander scale, and dictyospermum scale. They are commonly used on citrus trees.

COVERAGE: Use one parasite per 20 to 30 scales, or 5 — 100 per plant, or 10,000 per acre. For best results, use 3 or 4 releases at 2 weeks intervals.

RELEASE: Release in temperatures above 50 and below 100 degrees. The parasites typically fly about 6 trees or plants in a day. Release them by opening the container and allowing the adult parasites to fly out as you walk, tapping the container every sixth tree or plant.

LIFE CYCLE: The female Aphytis melinus lays from 1 to 5 eggs in the host scale, depending on size. The eggs hatch and feed on the scale, which kills it. In about 12 days they become adults, and the females begin parasitizing more scales. The adults live about 26 days.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Aphytis melinus has been used for scale control since 1956 when it was imported from India and Pakistan. If possible, it is a good idea to wash down the infested plants and trees before release. This removes some of the honeydew secretions, making it easier for the parasites.

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