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Organic pest control products offer an excellent alternative to chemical pest control for the environmentally conscious, using 100% all-natural ingredients to protect the health of people, pets, and the environment.

What is Organic Pest Control?

Organic, or natural, pest control products are those that make use of all-natural active ingredients such as essential plant and citrus oils that are generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the US Food & Drug Administration. Often the active ingredients used in organic pest control products have even been approved as food additives for human consumption, so there is no concern of health risk to humans or animals. This absence of health risk makes organic and natural pest control products an excellent product for use in homes, schools, and businesses, where the use of toxic chemicals found in traditional pest control products might be a concern. Organic pest control products are also an ideal method of control for lawn and garden areas, since the natural ingredients actually boost the health of soil, rather than contaminating it.

Is organic pest control really effective?

One of the primary concerns that consumers may have regarding organic or natural pest control is whether its all-natural active ingredients can really get the job done as well as traditional chemical products. And the answer to that, is yes. In fact, EcoSMART Technologies -a world leader in organic pesticides-has manufactured an entire line of superior organic and natural pest control products that guarantee "proven efficacy, superior performance, broad-spectrum activity, minimal environmental and mammalian toxicity, and competitive pricing", or your money back.

How can organic pesticides target insects, but not humans or animals?

After more than a decade worth of research, EcoSMART Technologies has developed a combination of plant oils which yields an active ingredient with a unique mode of action. This active ingredient targets a key neurotransmitter receptor called octopmaine which is found in all insects, but not in humans or animals. Octopamine regulates an insect's metabolism, movement, and heart rate, so that interrupting its function results in failure of the insect's immune system.

What are the advantages of using EcoSMART organic pest control products?

  • EcoSMART products have a unique and patented mode of action that targets insects, but not people or pests.
  • EcoSMART products have an unprecedented margin of safety
  • EcoSMART products are extremely effective against a broad spectrum of inset pests.
  • EcoSMART products are cost effective and easier to use than conventional products.
  • EcoSMART products are perfect for all accounts, not just sensitve accounts.
  • Unlike other botanical pesticides, EcoSMART's active ingredients are based on distinct combinations of different plant essential oils that significantly enhance the activity of these oils against insects.
  • EcoSMART products are available in granules, dusts, aerosols, flushing agents, and more to fit your specific pest control needs.

See our Natural & Organic Pest Control page for more options.

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