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Ovation SC - Suspension Miticide

Ovation SC (E95176) is a suspension concentrate that’s very effective for mite management on commercial ornamental plants such as conifers and non-bearing trees and vines, carnations, hydrangeas, geraniums, potentillas, and more. It uses Clofentezine as its active ingredient and it helps prevent and control plant-feeding mites. It is recommended to be applied at the first sign of mite activity and egg laying because it’s proven to be most effective during those times. It can be used in saran and shade houses, greenhouses, outdoor containers, and field-grown nursery stock. The Ovation SC shows activity and persistence of up to 45 days after application.

Commercial Use Only

Add the appropriate amount of Ovation SC to a partially filled spray tank under agitation. After adding Ovation SC, other tank mix components (adjuvants, fungicides, insecticides), if required, may be added along with sufficient water to bring to the proper volume. Maintain agitation.

Adjuvant Addition:
Often addition of adjuvants (stickers, spreaders, spreader-stickers, dormant oils, etc.) will aid in the performance of plant protection products under certain conditions. Generally, an adjuvant is not required with Ovation SC where adequate spray coverage is achieved. Should inadequate spreading of the Ovation SC spray occur, the addition of a spreader or spreader-sticker may be considered. If addition is warranted, trial applications must be followed using the instructions in the section below, “Notice to Users”, as phytotoxicity can result from such additions.

pH Stability/Compatibility with Other Products:
Ovation SC is extremely stable over a wide range of pH. It has proven to be physically and chemically stable in tank mixes with a wide range of other plant protection products. If tank mixing is planned, evaluate both the physical and chemical (phytotoxicity) compatibility on a selected group of plants prior to full scale use. See “Notice to Users" section below.

Notice to Users:
Ovation SC has demonstrated excellent plant safety; however, all species and varieties of ornamental plants have not been tested. If a user wishes to make an application to an ornamental plant not listed on the label but found on a similar use site and for a pest that is listed on the label, it is suggested that a trial application be performed first.

For a trial application, make 2 applications at a 7-day interval, 2 fl. oz. per 100 gal., to 25 or more test plants grown under conditions similar to those under which the plants will be grown full scale. Wait 7 days after last application for final observation for phytotoxicity.

Ovation SC is magenta in color and may leave a residue on light colored flowers or foliage.

Ovation SC is recommended at a concentration of 2 fl. oz. per 100 gal. when used in high volume sprays using hand-held equipment. For low and ultra-low volume applications, apply 4-8 fl. oz. per acre. Applications irrespective of delivery method should not exceed 8 fl. oz. per acre, per application.

Spray applications should be directed in a manner to cover all plant surfaces, especially the undersides of leaves.

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03/09/2017 Powell from Janesville

QDoes Ovation SC - Suspension Miticide kill aphids?


No.† Ovation SC - Suspension Miticide†is only labeled to prevent and treat plant-feeding mites.†We carry a wide variety of products that are labeled for use on aphids.† Please take a look at our†Aphid Control page to select the product that would best suit your needs.

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