Pennington Sahara Bermudagrass Penkoted Grass Seed

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Pennington Sahara Bermudagrass Penkoted Grass Seed

Pennington Sahara Bermudagrass is a hardy variety of drought-tolerant Bermudagrass that has been bred to grow finer and greener than other common grasses. It is extremely durable and holds up well to heavy foot traffic. It grows well in sunny areas but is not very shade-tolerant. Pennington Sahara Bermudagrass  has Penkoted seeds to protect the seedling from disease and to encourage strong growth. The Penkoted Seed Technology seals each seed with a protective fungicide. Penkoted seeds promotes healthier plants, protects against fungus, and increases plant survival. It produces a thick, dark green, self-repairing growth for your lawn that is 99% weed-free.


  • Grows best in sunny areas
  • Excellent heat, drought, disease and insect resistance
  • Produces a dense, dark green, fine-bladed, self-repairing turf
  • 99.9% weed-free
  • Penkoted for seedling protection
  • Homeowners have found seed with the Penkoted Seed Technology to be more reliable and effective than using conventional uncoated seed.


  • The best time to plant grass seed is in late Spring to Summer.
  • Bermuda grass seed germinates and establishes best when average daily temperatures are between 70 F and 90 F.


4 Easy Steps to Planting Seed

  • Bare Spots and New Lawns
    • Remove all debris from planting area
    • Till or rake to loosen top 2" to 3" of soil
    • Rake smooth to create a flat, level planting area
  • Overseeding and Thin Areas
    • Mow the lawn as short as possible & remove clippings
    • Rake thoroughly removing thatch (dead grass) and debris to expose the soil
    • Aerate lawn if possible to allow better air and water penetration into the soil
    • Apply a starter fertilizer at the manufacturer's recommended rate
    • Lime may nee to be added in some areas to ensure proper soil pH levels
    • Using a drop-type, rotary or hand held spreader, apply the seed evenly to avoid skips, overlapping & streaking
    • Gently rake, working seed into soil about 1/2"
    • Water daily to keep soil moist
    • Do not allow the top 1/2" of soil to become dry until seedlings have completely emerged
    • Once grass becomes established, reduce watering to 1/2" twice a week


Speader Regular Overseeding New Lawn Seeding
Republic EZ Drop Spreader 4 1/2 5 1/2
Republic EZ Broadcast Spreader 3 5
Scotts AccuGreen Drop Spreader 3 3/4 4
Scotts EasyGreen 25 26
Scotts SpeedyGreen Broadcast Spreader 2 1/2 3 1/2


  • Conduct a soil test to determine pH level and add soil amendments accordingly for optimal lawn development
  • Begin mowing once turf reaches 1/3 taller than desired mowing height
  • Do not apply weed control herbicides until after the third mowing
  • Once turf is established(4-6 weeks after planting), begin an annual fertilization maintenance program



  • New Lawns: 2 lbs./1000 sq. ft.
  • Overseeding: 1 lbs./1000 sq. ft.

This Package Covers:

  • 1000 sq. ft. New Lawns
  • 2000 sq. ft. Overseeding or reseeding existing lawn

Light Required: Full Sun

Traffic Tolerance: Excellent

Drought Tolerance: Excellent

Planting Depth: 1/2"

Seedling Emergence: 7-21 Days

Recommended Mowing Height: 1"- 1 1/2"

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04/25/2016 Brandy from St. Amant, La

QWhat is the mix in the Sahara Bermuda Grass?


Pennington Sahara Bermudagrass Penkoted Grass Seed is not a mix of grasses it is just Certified Sahara Bermudagrass. Only products that have blend or mix in the name would be more than one type, blend would of the same grass type, mix would contain†different grass types.

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