Pennington Signature Series Crabgrass Preventer


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Pennington Signature Series Crabgrass Preventer

Pennington Signature Series Crabgrass Preventer contains two kinds of ingredients: ingredients that will help in the prevention of weeds as well as ingredients that will kill already existing weeds. When Pennington Signature Series Crabgrass Preventer is applied before germination, it will prevent crabgrass from being able to grow and will also suppress other types of weeds. It will also control crabgrass that has already emerged and germinated.  When applied post-emergence, it will control crabgrass only but will be effective up to 4 weeks after the crabgrass has germinated. For best results, Pennington Signature Series Crabgrass Preventer should be applied to already established lawns in the spring or early fall.

Spring Application

Control of Crabgrass: Pennington Crabgrass Preventer provides pre-emergent control of crabgrass and control or suppression of other listed weeds when applied prior to their germination. In addition, it provides post-emergent control of seeding crabgrass after germination and emergence. Post-emergent control is limited to crabgrass only and is effective up to 4 weeks after germination of crabgrass. This generally corresponds to the time when crabgrass seedlings are at the 3-leaf stage of growth and first become visible in the established turf. It will not control crabgrass at later growth stages when crabgrass plants begin to tiller or spread. Properly timed applications will control existing crabgrass and prevent further emergence of crabgrass seedlings. Do not apply this later than 4 weeks after crabgrass germination.

Fall Application

Pennington Crabgrass Preventer can also be applied from late summer through early fall (late August through November). When applied in the fall, a sequential application must be made the following spring to provide season-long control of crabgrass. If applied in the fall, Do Not reseed, overseed or sprig turf-grasses with 12 weeks after application.

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02/05/2015 Levi from Eustis, Florida 32726

QCan this product be used on Floratam and other St. Augustine?

APennington Signature Series Crabgrass Preventer is safe to use on St. Augustine grass. There are no other specifications on whether or not it should or should not be used on the St. Augustine varieties.

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