Pennington Slopemaster Coastal Winter Mixture


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Pennington Slopemaster Coastal Winter Mixture bag (25 lbs)

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Pennington Slopemaster Coastal Winter Mixture

Pennington Slopemaster Coastal Winter Mixture is a seed mixture specifically used for control of erosion where quick establishment is necessary. It requires little to no follow-up maintenance. Pennington Slopemaster contains the hardy Durana white clover, which is a medium-leaf, intermediate white clover that contains up to 97 stolons per square foot, easily securing most erodable soils. The Durana clover is durable can be used with bermuda or tall fescue in order to maintain a long stand life. It contains Pennington’s unique GermMax technology for better disease protection. Formulated to withstand various climatic conditions.

  • Extremely durable erosion control mixture
  • Aggressive growth to provide complete ground cover
  • Contains perennial seed that establish quickly and last for years
  • Durana White Clover establishes stoloniforus growth to hold soils in place
  • Durana White Clover fixates atmospheric Nitrogen for reduced fertilizer requirement

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01/21/2016 Randy from Key West, Fl

QWould Pennington Slopemaster Coastal Winter Mixture be a good seed mix for this time of year in Key West, FL?


According to the technical information provided by the manufacturer, Pennington Slopemaster Coastal Winter Mixture can be used during the spring in combination with other grasses, such as Bermuda.

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