Pennington Smart Seed Kentucky Bluegrass Blend


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Pennington Smart Seed Kentucky Bluegrass Blend bag (7 lb)
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Pennington Smart Seed Kentucky Bluegrass Blend

Pennington Smart Seed Kentucky Bluegrass Blend 7 lb. (22565) is a superior grass seed mixture that will help you produce one of the highest-quality, attractive-looking lawn. Smart Seed is pure-bred, drought tolerant and is specially formulated to help you grow a beautiful, healthier and thicker grass. It will help you save water up to 30% compared to ordinary grass seed. It contains MYCO Advance Technology which helps grass grow deep, dense roots because it replenish beneficial micro-organisms.

Pennington Smart Seed Kentucky Bluegrass Blend also features a unique Penkoted seed process which literally seals each seed inside a layer of material that contains fungicide, a growth stimulant and a natural insecticide. These are very important in protecting the seed in the ground because it helps enhance drought tolerance, increase seed germination, and seedling survivability. This results to a thicker, healthier strand of grass because of a stronger root system.

This product comes in a 7-pound bag.

3 Simple Steps:


1. Prepare

Bare Spots/New Grass: Remove debris, then rake the soil to loosen and smooth the top layer.

Overseeding/Thin Areas: Same instructions as above but start by mowing existing grass as short as possible.


2. Apply

Spread the seed evenly using a drop, rotary or hand-held spreader according to the settings below. Lay down a starter fertilizer to help the seedlings grow healthy and strong. Rake gently to work your seed and fertilizer into the soil.


3. Water (Most Inportant Step)

Keep the soil moist. Water daily (twice a day if you have to) until grass sprouts and reaches about 2-3” tall.


Additional Care Tips:

  • Once your grass is 1/3 taller than the recommended mowing height you may begin mowing it.
  • Avoid removing more than 1/3 of the total grass blade length at any single mowing to keep your grass thick and healthy.
  • Increase your mowing height in summer months to reduce grass stress.



Applying weed control products to grass prior to seeding can affect the seeds' ability to grow. Be sure to read and follow all manufacturer's recommendations and application instructions prior to applying any weed control products and prior to seeding. Additionally, do not apply any weed control products to newly seeded areas until the grass is established and has been mowed at least 3 or 4 times. Once newly seeded areas are established, you can begin a regular feeding schedule.  

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07/03/2015 Kantilal from Eastlake, Oh 44095

QWhat is % of different blue grass bland combination?
Is it only pure blue grass bland or any other seed mixed?


The Pennington Smart Seed Kentucky Bluegrass Blend has the following seed mixture

43.8% Ridgeline Kentucky Bluegrass

29.30 Wild Horse Kentucky Bluegrass

14.50% Oasis Kentucky Bluegrass

9.60% Mallard Kentucky Bluegrass

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