Pest Barrier ExoRoach Cockroach Trap (pc-er01)


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Pest Barrier ExoRoach Cockroach Trap (pc-er01) trap
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Pest Barrier ExoRoach Cockroach Trap (pc-er01)

Pest Barrier ExoRoach Cockroach Trap (pc-er01) offers a simple, yet very efficient way to catch those pestering cockroaches as well as other insects. It's proven safe and effective with its chemical-free ingredients, making it environment-friendly. It's ideal to use in places where cockroaches usually look for food such as kitchen and dining areas.

The ExoRoach Trap will bait cockroaches and other insects with its food lure. Upon entering, they will walk into the bridge that has patented Entostat powder, a food-grade powder that's made from natural wax and accumulated from certain species of palm trees. It is a slippery substance that will cling to the cockroach's feet and tarsal segments, and will make them lose grip, which will cause them to fall down.

Key Features:

  • 16 x 8.5 x 3 inches, traps a lot of cockroaches
  • Strong, durable case. Can even support the weight of light items stacked on top.
  • Robust, hard wearing water-proof unit provides long-term trapping and monitoring and protects interior components from dust moisture and floor spills.
  • Durable yet simple locking system; use a coin if you misplace the plastic key.
  • Horizontal ridges on the up-ramp provide traction.
  • Easy to take apart for thorough cleaning.
  • Each trap contains a service kit with one glue board, Entostat
  • Powder, food lure and instructions in one pack

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10/22/2015 Kathleen from Charlotte, Nc

QDoes the Pest Barrier ExoRoach Cockroach Trap come with just one trap?


Yes, the†Pest Barrier ExoRoach Cockroach Trap is only one trap. The dimensions are 16.00 x 9.75 x 3.75 and will catch a lot of roaches over time. This product comes with the glueboard and Entostat.

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