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Step 1

Inspect area and Identify problems

The very first step in undertaking a general pest prevention program is inspecting the environment around your home to identify problem areas that can make your home or structure more attractive to pests.

Problem areas that can attract pests:

  • Are there any tree branches or shrubs touching the structure?
  • Is there dense or tall brush or grasses on the property?
  • Is there mulch or pine needles around the structure?
  • Are there overly moist areas or areas of standing water on the property?
  • Are your gutters blocked or otherwise obstructed?
  • Is there any gathered lawn debris such as leaf or wood piles or grass clippings?

Step 2

Identify areas where pests can enter your home or structure

It is important to identify areas where pests like rodents or insects can make entry into your home or structure.

Entry points that can allow pests access into your structure:

  • Are there any torn or missing window screens on the structure?
  • Are there any large cracks or crevices along the foundation or around window or door frames?
  • Is the weather stripping or brush guards around door intact and secure?
  • Are there any gaps around cables, pipes and wires leading into the structure?
  • Are there any missing vent covers around the structure?

Step 3

Identify suspected pests on your property

ant mounts and, mole tunnels, rodent damage, and animal feces
Last, identifying the pests that may already be present will you help choose the correct method to control them on your property.

Identify pests that have been an issue on your property:

  • Do you see areas on your property that have been disturbed such as mounds on your lawn, chewed wood on your structure, or gathered nesting materials?
  • Do you see animal feces around the structure or in crawl spaces?
  • Do you see actual animals or insects on the property?

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