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PestXpert IGR Concentrate
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PestXpert IGR Concentrate is an insect growth regulator that prevents the re-infestation of common indoor and outdoor insects around your home or workplace. The active ingredient in this product disrupts the lifecycle of insects and prevents eggs and larvae from growing into adult insects. This product does not kill adult insects, instead, it is meant to be used after an infestation of adult insects has already been treated.

  • Prevents new infestations of mosquitos, ants, cockroaches, and other insects from appearing
  • Safe to use in the kennels and coops of pets and livestock
  • Can be used safely on carpets, draperies, and furniture

How PestXpert IGR Concentrate Works

PestXpert IGR Concentrate is an insect growth regulator. That means it disrupts the reproductive cycle of insects, preventing larvae, eggs, and maggots from forming into adults. When insects are unable to form into adults, they can no longer breed or reproduce.

Because PestXpert IGR Concentrate is directed at larvae, eggs, and maggots, it does not kill adult insects. Therefore, it is recommended that you use other products to remove an infestation of fully-grown insects and then follow-up with PestXpert IGR Concentrate to prevent any eggs, larvae, or maggots left behind from growing. 



Follow directions for specific use areas. Do not wet carpets, draperies and furniture excessively. Always test in inconspicuous prior to use as some natural and synethetic fibers may be adversly infected by any liquid product.


  • Flea Control
  • Indoor Flea Control
  • Outdoor Flea Control
  • For German, Asian, and Brown banded Cockroach and Cricket Control
  • For Indoor Cockroack and Cricket Control
  • For Outdoor Perimeter treatments for Cockroaches and Crickets
  • For Control of Stored Product Pests
  • For Control of Little Beetles (such as Darkling, Hide, and Carrion Beetles)
  • For Control of Ants
  • For Control of Flying Insects Pests (such as Flies, Moths, Midgets, Mosquitoes, and Gnats)


For indoor flea control

Consult product label and mix water and product into sprayer as directed. Spray on draperies, carpets, furniture, and around windows and doors. PestXpert IGR Concentrate will inhibit the growth of larvae and eggs for 7 months.

For outdoor flea control

Consult product label and mix water and product into sprayer as directed. Spray where pets frequent, such as under trees and shrubs. Spray using a slow, even sweeping motion. Avoid spraying young or flowering plants. Repeat action in 21 days. Remove pets and children from areas where you will be spraying until the spray dries.

For indoor cockroach and cricket control

Consult product label and mix water and product into sprayer or fogger as directed. Spray into cracks, crevices, behind the stove, beneath sinks and refrigerators, or anywhere pests may hide. One application will prevent cockroaches and crickets from hatching for 6 months.

For outdoor cockroach and cricket control

Consult product label and mix water and product into sprayer. Apply 3 feet out and 3 feet around the structure.  Apply around doors, windows, garage doors, patio, decks, and other outdoor areas. Do not apply when windy or near bodies of water.

For indoor and outdoor ant control

Mix 1 fluid ounce of product per half gallon of water into a sprayer. If needed, repeat after 14 days. Consult label for amount of product needed per size of area.

For use in food and non-food warehouses

Consult product label and mix water and product into sprayer or fogger. Apply to all areas that might harvest pests, including cracks and crevices and underneath pallets. Repeat after 90 days.

Other PestXpert IGR Concentrate Information

  • Be sure to wear Personal Protective Equipment when mixing or spraying product.
  • Store in container with lid tightly fastened, out of the sun and away from extreme temperatures, when not in use.
  • Keep children and pets away from areas being treated until solution is dry.
  • PestXpert IGR Concentrate is toxic to aquatic life. Do not spray near or in lakes, rivers, oceans, or other bodies of water. Do not pour down sewer.

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