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PFT Yellow Hanging Station - Single station (1 unit)

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PFT Yellow Hanging Station - Single

The PFT Yellow Hanging Station from Rockwell Labs uses a standard 16 oz. cup as the holding area for trapping or baiting flying insects. Economical, durable and easy to use, the PFT Yellow Hanging Station can be used for trapping wasps, yellow jackets, hornets, flies, and a variety of other flying insects. Just throw away the cup when its full, the cups can be replaced with any standard 16 oz. cup. Pick your favorite insecticide to use in the PFT Yellow Hanging Station. It is the way to go to simply kill troublesome pests.

Product Documents

Assembly: Look at the diagram. Drop the Cup into the Base. Push the Retainer Ring down into the Base (pointing down, like a funnel), aligning the clips on the Retainer Ring with the rectangular holes in the sides of the Base. Attach the wire by looping through two opposite square holes in the Base. The insect entry holes (see middle photo in the instructions) are ideal for yellow jackets, wasps and large flies. To make one big hole, for moths or for baiting, pop out the inner disk of the Retainer Ring by hand or with a screwdriver (see bottom photo in the instructions). To make smaller openings for small flies, pop out the inner disk, then put in the Retainer Ring pointing up (like a hill). When the cover is on, this will then make quite small entry holes for small flies. 

Locking on the Cover: The top rim of the Base has four slots for the four ‘foot’ portions of the Cover. Insert two adjacent feet into the wider part of two adjacent slots and then put the other two feet into their slots by pressing the legs lightly inward while pushing the Cover down. Rotate the Cover counterclockwise in the slots to lock. 

Servicing: To remove the Cover, rotate it clockwise to unlock and then press in on two adjacent legs with your thumb and index finger and lift to remove the feet. The other two feet will then simply lift out. Pop out the Retainer Ring and remove the Cup. The Cup can be replaced or cleaned, without removing the whole Station from where it is hanging.

Trapping Yellow Jackets, European Hornets, or Small or Large Flies: Put about 1 oz of InVite Liquid Lure into the Cup for yellow jackets and hornets or up to 4 oz for small flies and add water, soda or beer (bubbles disperse scent faster) until the Cup is about 1/2 full. For house, stable and blow flies, use about 4 oz of InVite Kil Zone and add some water. Other attractants may also be used. Trapping Pantry Moths: Pop out the disk in the Retainer Ring, (see bottom photo in the product instructions). Fill the Cup about 1/2 full of water and add one dose of InVite Moth Lure Gel in the cup, above the water.

To Create a Killing Station: Assemble the Station as noted, with an appropriate attractant for the target pest. Wipe or spray the Station with an odorless residual insecticide. The target pest is attracted to the Station and will then pick up the insecticide when it lands on the Station, and die.

Baiting: The PFT Station can also be used for placing poison baits for flying insects. Pop out the inner disk of the Retainer Ring (see bottom photo in the product instructions) so that there is one large hole and put the bait in the Cup.

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07/07/2014 Geralyn from Las Vegas, Nv

QWhat is the best lure/insecticide to use for wasps in the yellow hanging station?

AThe best lure to use in the PFT Yellow Hanging Station is InVite Liquid Lure. You will put 1 oz. of the InVite Liquid Lure into the cup for yellow jackets, hornets, and/or wasps. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

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