Piperonyl Butoxide

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Piperonyl Butoxide enhances killing power when added to insecticide mixtures.

Piperonyl Butoxide is a chemical synergist. In other words, it does not have pesticidal properties all by itself, but rather it greatly enhances the potency and killing power of other active ingredients like pyrethroids and carbamates when added to insecticidal mixtures.

Piperonyl Butoxide reduces the cost of pesticides.

In many cases, Piperonyl Butoxide actually reduces the amount of active ingredient required to kill insects, thereby reducing the cost of pest control products.


Man-made from synthetic sassafras oil, Piperonyl Butoxide is non-toxic in its technical form, and contains minimal toxicity when combined with other active ingredients.

Products Containing Piperonyl Butoxide:

  • EcoPCO Jet X- Organic insecticide that provides instant knockdown and kill of flying, stinging insects

  • Demize EC- Liquid insecticide for flea and tick control

  • ExciteR Insecticide - Pyrethrin Concentrate that can be used alone in a fogger or pump sprayer, or as an additive to other insecticides such as malathion, permethrin or cypermethrin for a faster knock-down of insect pests.

  • Evercide Total Release Bomb - 6 oz. - General purpose total release aerosol for insect control.  Just set the can and leave the room.


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