Premise Pre-Construction Insecticide


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Premise Pre-Construction Insecticide

Premise Pre-Construction Insecticide is used for the prevention of termites. It offers affordability, high performance and excellent value for builders, pest management professionals, and design center architects. Most termiticide products on the market are repellent, which means termites can detect the treated areas and go around it. Premise Pre-Construction on the other hand, is a non repellent that allows termites to be in direct contact with the active ingredient, Imidacloprid. Premise Pre-Construction will not harm plumbing systems.

Easy to use

Broad label flexibility saves time and labor

Low retreat rates – less than 1%, compared to upward of 5% with pyrethroids

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04/22/2014 Carlos from Florida

QWill the spray kill landscaping plants?

ANo, Premise Pre-Construction Insecticide will not harm bushes, shrubs, trees, or ornamentals. However, be sure to keep the Premise Pre-Construction Insecticide away from all edible vegetation. 

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03/24/2014 Anna from Clovis, Ca

QCan I do a soil drench around the drip line of a deodora tree with a Premise?

AMost termiticides like Premise Pre-Construction Insecticide are only labeled to be used adjacent to a structure.  Termites do not normally attack live, healthy trees so you most likely will not find any products that will work as a ground barrier around the trees.  Most people are primarily concerned with protecting the big investment, their home.  For treatment around a tree you could use a product like Dominion that is labeled to be applied in more areas. 

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06/09/2014 William from Huntingtown. Md

Qwhat is the V.O.C. content

APremise Pre-Construction Insecticide emits no VOCs.

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07/21/2017 Anthony from Houston, Texas

QIf properly applied, how long will my home be protected with Premise Pre-Construction Insecticide?


If used correctly and soil is left undisturbed to not interrupt the barrier, Premise†will protect the home for at least 7 years.†

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04/09/2017 Andy from Los Angeles, Ca

QWill Premise Pre-Construction Insecticide kill existing termites in the wood?
I'm doing some repairs on a structure with Termite damage. Would this product be suitable for treating the affected wood, to prevent termites damaging the new wood I'm installing as part of the repairs?


Premise Pre-Construction is used for the prevention of termites around the perimeter of your home. This product binds with the soil. We would recommend treating the wood directly with something like Boracare or Timbor. These products should only be used on raw wood only. Be sure to use a sealant or paint on the wood after application. This will last for the life of the wood once this has been done.

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