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Product Name Manufacturer Label Supplement SDS
Maxforce Roach Bait Stations - Hydramethylnon Bayer  Label  Supplement  SDS
Mec Amine D 3-Way Broadleaf Herbicide Agrisel  Label    SDS
Medallion WDG Fungicide Syngenta  Label  Supplement  SDS
Medina Orange Oil Medina Agriculture Products  Label    SDS
Medium Yellow Sticky Trap Agrisense Industrial Monitoring  Label    SDS
Mefenoxam 2 AQ Fungicide Quali-Pro  Label    SDS
Menace 7.9% Flowable Insecticide Nufarm  Label    SDS
Meridian 0.33 G Insecticide Syngenta  Label    SDS
Meridian 25WG Insecticide Syngenta  Label  Supplement  SDS
Merit 2F Insecticide Bayer  Label    SDS
Merit 75 WP - 2 oz. Bayer  Label    SDS
Merit 75 WSP Bayer  Label    SDS
Merit Insecticide Granules Bayer  Label    SDS
Messinas Deer Stopper Aerosol Messinas  Label    SDS
Messinas Dog and Cat Stopper Aerosol Messinas  Label    SDS
Messinas Rodent Stopper Aerosol Messinas  Label    SDS
Messinas Squirrel Stopper Aerosol Messinas  Label    SDS
Meteor IGR Concentrate Control Solutions  Label    SDS
Micora Fungicide Syngenta  Label    SDS
Micrel Total 5 - 0 - 0 with Micro-Nutrients Growth Products  Label    SDS
Microbial Bird Dropping Cleaner Bird Barrier  Label    SDS
Microcare 3% CS Controlled Release Pyrethrin BASF  Label  Supplement  SDS
Microcare Aerosol Whitmire Micro-Gen  Label    SDS
MicroMerge 55441SP Helena Chemical  Label    SDS
Milky Spore Lawn Spreader Mix St. Gabriel Organics    Supplement  SDS
Milky Spore Powder St. Gabriel Organics  Label  Supplement  
Milorganite Fertilizer 5-2-0 Milorganite  Label  Supplement  SDS
Miracle Gro Indoor Plant Food Scotts  Label    SDS
Miracle-Gro Blooming Houseplant Food Scotts  Label    SDS
Miracle-Gro Evergreen Fertilizer Spikes Scotts  Label    SDS