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Profile JumpStart jug (2.5 gal)

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Profile JumpStart

The Profile ProPlus JumpStart is an advanced liquid formulation that expedite vegetation establishment. The special solution contains a soil infiltration agent, humic acid and more than two hundred species of beneficial soil bacteria. JumpStart enhances moisture incursion and retention for rapid, complete fertilization and systematic stands of plants. This offers a hormonal plant response to boost root development and plant stress resistance. Also, JumpStart minimizes soil compaction and salinity for deeper root infiltration. The product is certified environment-friendly and it will surely help your vegetation to get swift nutrient uptake and conversion for a vigorous start.

Shake well before using

OVERSEEDING: Mix 25 gal water to 1 gal JumpStart and apply approximately 65 gallons of mixed solution per acre. Apply with spray equipment that has been thoroughly cleaned. When applying with other products, avoid highly acidic or alkaline conditions.

HYDRAULIC SEEDING: Have a soil test performed by a reputable lab. Request tests: SAR, OM, EC, CEC % Sodium. Compare the results to Application Rate chart to calculate appropriate rate. Load all components in the hydro-seeder. Add JumpStart to the tank as you add fertilizer after other components have been added. Mix under normal agitation. If excessive foaming occurs, you may need to reduce agitation and/or re-circulation. Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight, protect from freezing and do not tank mix with Aqua-pHix.

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07/23/2017 Cheyenne from Cantonment, Fl

QCan Profile JumpStart be used on an existing lawn?


Profile JumpStart can only be applied at seeding, not to existing turf.

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