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Profile Neutralime Dry bag (40 lbs)

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Profile Neutralime Dry

Profile Neutralime Dry is proven fast and effective in balancing your soil's pH. This 40-pound bag contains more Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) than the liquid lime by 50 percent. It will help improve soil pH and the result can be as quick as 3 to 7 days after application and its effectiveness may last up to 18 weeks. It also promotes germination, boosts plant establishment and improve nutrient uptake of the plant in low pH soils.

Profile Neutralime Dry 40 lb. is very easy to use because it easily mixes in the tank. There's no limit to its shelf life so you can store it in a dry place anytime.

Typical Application Rates

5.9 - 6.2     2.5 gal/ac or 40 lb/ac of NeutraLime

5.5 - 5.8     5 gal/ac or 80 lb/ac of NeutraLime

5.1 - 5.4     10 gal/ac or 160 lb/ac of NeutraLime

4.7 - 5.0     15 gal/ac or 240 lb/ac of NeutraLime

4.2 - 4.6     25 gal/ac or 400 lb/ac of NeutraLime

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08/12/2016 Craig from Ebensburg, Pa

QCan Profile Neutralime Dry be mixed and applied through a boom sprayer?


Profile Neutralime Dry is primarily used in hydraulic seeders along with seed, fiber mulch, and fertilizer; however, it could also be diluted in water and applied on its own. We suggest contacting Profile Products for more details about your application needs. You can reach them at 800-366-1180.

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