Protecta Rat Bait Station CASE (6 stations) and Fastrac Blox


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Protecta Rat Bait Station CASE (6 stations) and Fastrac Blox kit (Protecta Rat + 4 lb. pail) $129.50
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Protecta Rat Bait Station CASE (6 stations) and Fastrac Blox

Save Money!  This kit includes a case of Protecta Rat Bait Stations (6 stations) and one 4lb. pail of Fastrac Bait Blox. Each pail of Fastrac Blox contains approx. 128 blox.  Fastrac Blox kill faster than most baits on the market and rodents will die with just one feeding.

Protecta Rat Bait Station CASE (6 stations) and Fastrac Blox contains these products:

Protecta Rat Bait Station - CASE (6 stations) 1 x Protecta Rat Bait Station - CASE (6 stations)
Fastrac All-Weather Blox (128 bloxs) 1 x Fastrac All-Weather Blox (128 bloxs)
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Cost of separate parts: $156.02
Kit price: $129.50
You save $26.52!

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    5 of 5 stars  Farewell Chipmunks and Mice!!
    By Ed in Essex, CT on 06/17/2011
    Verified Purchase

    Plagued with chipmunks running all over our property, procreating faster than rabbits, we tried every trap imaginable: two different brands of spring traps and Hav-a Heart. We managed in an entire season to catch only one chipmunk and one squirrel. The chipmunks had such a delicate touch that they were able to eat the bait off the trigger without springing the traps!! By chance I became aware of the Protecta traps and bait. I purchased the 6-station kit with the pail of Contrac Blox. For the first week, there was little action. THEN, the little devils seemed to discover the stations and they began to eat the Blox so quickly that, in the case of two stations, I had to refill them every three or four days!! There are no dead bodies laying around, for they must go back to their holes to die; however, beyond any doubt, there are a lot fewer chipmunks than we had before!!! Viva Protecta and Contrac Blox!!!!!!!!

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    4 of 5 stars  Protecta Rat Bait Station & Contrac Blox
    By Umesh in Santa Cruz, CA on 01/28/2011
    Verified Purchase

    Company quickly acknowledged that rods and locking screws were inadvertently not shipped. They sent the missing parts by Priority Mail. My rat problem has been eradicated and I have reduced the number of bait stations and bait to a minimum and will monitor to see if they reappear. I live out in the country and Contrac Blox is very effective in controlling my roof rat problem.

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  • 1 of 1 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  Excellent***
    By Sai in martinez ca on 02/28/2012
    Verified Purchase

    Top product And Great Price. Easy to set up payment and Product shipping and care is absolutely free so i can't pass on this website. this is the website i chose over other 20 or 30 websites,,, i want to say u satisfied my need in this line of work. Thank you

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  • 1 of 1 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 stars  Excellent customer service....
    By Mz in Omaha, NE on 03/13/2012
    Verified Purchase

    Received order very quickly. I had a question and customer service was excellent!

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  • 2 of 5 stars  rating penndig
    By John in prescott az on 07/16/2012
    Verified Purchase

    slower in effect than the first purchase for mice. I trust that the long term effect will be positive but thre are still droppings in thear of the stations in the AM. This was supposed to be effective with pack rats which is the present problem at this place. J

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  • 5 of 5 stars  Bait station
    By Tom in Boston on 08/25/2012
    Verified Purchase

    Easy to use, no mess, they have a allen head screw to secure the cover, no need to worry about pets, children getting into the stations. I will purchase more when needed.... Tom from Boston Ma

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  • 5 of 5 stars  Works Great at controling rodents in Atlanta
    By Tom in Suwanee, GA on 10/06/2015

    I used these initially for rental property in Atlanta where there was a significant rodent problem. I used the Fastrac Blox in the beginning and found them to be effective. However, I later experimented with the Gladiator Bait Blox, which has the same active ingredient as Fastrac. I put Fastrac Blox on one side of the Bait Station and Gladiator Blox on the other side of the same Bait Station. Interestingly, the rodents ate all of the Gladiator Blox first. After that buffet was gone they turned to the Fastrac Blox. There was definitely a preference for Gladiator Blox. The Fastrac have a fishy smell, while the Gladiator is more of a sweet odor. That could explain the preference for Gladiator.

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08/12/2013 William from Ny

QThe poison I've used takes two weeks to kill so they don't figure it out as poison is Fastrac the same acting?

AFastrac is actually a singel feed kill, that causes death within 12-48 hours. A slower acting Rodent bait would be something like Contrac Blox which can take up toa week to kill.

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