Rejex-it Fog Force


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Rejex-it Fog Force gallon (128 oz)
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Rejex-it Fog Force

Rejex-it Fog Force enables an invisible haze to be created that is lighter than air. Birds will fly right through the haze because they cannot see it. When they fly through this haze, the birds will feel pain to their trigeminal nerve that is located in their beak. This pain can be compared to a toothache and will teach birds to avoid this area. This haze will only affect birds that are in flight. When it is used as directed, Rejex-it Fog Force is harmless to pets, plants, birds and people. It contains soybean oil and Methyl Anthranilate. MA is classifed as Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) and exceeds US Food Chemical Codes (FCC) specifications. MA is also used as a flavoring or a fragrance in many different foods such as ice cream, soda, candy and gelatin. Naturally it comes from sources such as blossoms of jasmine and gardenias and concord grapes.

To be used with Make Em Move Tweetzilla and Make Em Move Portable Moby.

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04/16/2016 Chet from Apopka

QWhat type of fogging machine do I use for application of the Rejex-it Fog Force??


Rejex-it Fog Force can be used inside of a thermal or mechanical fogger.

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