Renova (3-0-8) Liquid Fertilizer

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Renova (3-0-8) Liquid Fertilizer

Valagro Renova (3-0-8) Liquid Fertilizer is the solution in the event of stress or damage. The amino-acidic complex and other natural ingredients contained in Valagro Renova (3-0-8) Liquid Fertilizer are capable of combating this adversity immediately after the application.

Valagro Renova (3-0-8) Liquid Fertilizer is a liquid nutrient intended to supplement standard fertility programs providing available nutrition in support of balanced plant growth and vigor.

Environmental factors may cause serious damage or stress to each plant.

Excessive rains, frost, high temperatures, agronomic practices not appropriate, areas of excessive shade, wrong application of pesticides are the beginning of a myriad of problems.

Generally, plant responds against adverse conditions (environmental) with a series of actions: closure of stomas; Reduction of photosynthesis and metabolism slows down (stop in the production of amino acids and proteins) and therefore development.

Its exclusive formulation facilitates transport through the leaf of theactive principles of herbicides and growth regulators. This improves the effectiveness of associated products and decreasesthe risk of phytotoxicity in stress conditions (high temperature) when is facilitated the formation of salts on the leaf that may be due to phenomena of phytotoxicity.

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05/10/2013 Aaron from Anoka, Nb

QI have used Redwing before, which I believe disqualified is the main active ingredient. Will this kill Eurasio

AWe are unfamiliar with that product. However, we do recommend contacting your local master gardener through your local extension office, to see what they recommend for treating Eurasio in your area. Please follow this link Cooperative Extension Office

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