Renovate 3 Aquatic Herbicide


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Renovate 3 Aquatic Herbicide quart (32 oz)
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Renovate 3 Aquatic Herbicide

Renovate 3 aquatic herbicide is for the use to control submersed, emersed and floating aquatic plants. Sites that this can be used at include: lakes, reservoirs, ponds, ditches that have little or no outflow, irrigation canals, marshes and wetlands that includes broadleaf and woody vegetation on shores and banks adjacent to aquatic sites. There are no restrictions on use such as fishing and swimming.

Do not use this product with any type of irrigation system.

Please read product label for detailed instructions before use.


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    2 of 5 stars  Results of Renovate3
    By Gary in Wadesville on 05/07/2014
    Verified Purchase

    After 5 days from spraying sporadic yellowing of leaves of the Foxtail Rush can be observed. Hopefully, it's killing it from root up and major differences will be observed soon.

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  • 4 of 5 stars  Renovate 3
    By Ron in CA on 07/22/2014
    Verified Purchase

    It's too early for a definitive review, but initial results look promising. I combined the Renovate with glyphosphate, about 5% each, to treat seem vinca major and Parrot's Feather. Both plants appear to be in decline. I suspect the pond weed, Parrot's Feather, is withering because it's in shallow water (1 ft), so the roots are not far from the herbicide treatment. I'll try the treatment on Parrot's Feather in 5-6 ft of water and see if it works. So far, the only way to get rid of this invasive pond pest has been by mechanical removal.

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