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Reserve Fungicide jug (2.5 gallons)
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Reserve Fungicide

Reserve Fungicide is composed of three key ingredients: triticonazole, chlorothalonil, and the StressGard formulation technology. No other fungicide features these unique components which provide potent contact and systemic action against a wide range of disease all while improving the overall health of golf turf.

Triticonazole and chlorothalonil come together to combat snow mold, anthracnose, and brown patch without the plant growth regulator issues caused by other demethylation inhibitors. Reserve Fungicide works safely even in summer weather without thinning the turf and encouraging the growth of algae.

Products, like Reserve, with StressGard FT enhance photosynthesis and respiration so the turfgrass will prosper even during stressful conditions. StressGard FT encourages more extensive root systems under the ground and denser turf on the surface. When turf is healthy disease is much easier to keep at bay.

Gold standard in broad-spectrum disease control

  • Use safely in winter and summer
  • More safe than other combination fungicides during hot weather
  • Turf will turn green quicker in spring when used to control snow mold

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08/18/2014 Richard from Belding, Mi

QIs the Reserve Fungicide used during the summer months on regular basis?

AThe usage times and reapplication rates throughout the year will be entirely dependent on the disease you are treating for and when the conditions for it to occur are favorable. The Reserve Product Label shows several disease that you apply for prevention in spring and summer and during certain temperatures, and per the label can be used all throughout the summer even in high stress conditions due to the extra stress agent built into the product. 

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