Revenge 600 Footer Sticky Fly Tape

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Revenge 600 Footer Sticky Fly Tape

Revenge 600 Footer Sticky Fly Tape should be used with Revenge Fly Reel Hardware Mounting Kit.  

Special non drying glue on a reel with 600 feet long and 3/8 in wide. Pull out the sticky tape and lead through pulleys and attach to take up spool. When a length is full of flies, just unwind a new fresh length. Can be used in barns, stables, tents, warehouses, zoos and more. Traps millions of flies.

When hanging your Fly tape, try to keep it about 5 inches from the ceiling and away from drafts.

  1. Replace the empty reel in your system with this new full reel.
  2. Place the empty reel onto the ending wall bracket with the hand crank. This becomes your new rewind
  3. Thread the tape thru the pulleys and attach to the new rewind reel.
  4. When the exposed Revenge Fly tape is black with flies, unhook the brakes and just crank out a fresh length of the Tape.

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    5 of 5 stars  Revenge Sticky Fly Tape
    By Pat in Brighton, CO on 08/25/2014

    This is absolutely incredible. Within in one day of putting up the ribbon, it is almost completely full of flies. I will use this every year from now on!

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  • 2 of 5 stars  Fly Tape.
    By Me in Tacoma, Washington on 09/25/2015

    I really whish it was wider. I am having to twined it around wood to make it work. Our street is flooded with stray cats that come into my yard, on my porch and fill my yard with gifts and stink up my porch.

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