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Revenge Rodent Smoke Bomb

Revenge Rodent Smoke Bomb is effective against rodents such as pocket gophers and woodchucks. Revenge Rodent Smoke Bomb when applied in rodent burrows creates a smoke that is dense, thick, and suffocating into the rodent's burrow. Use Revenge Rodent Smoke Bomb without worrying about secondary poisoning.

Environmental Hazards: This product is highly toxic to wildlife. Check all burrows for signs of non-target species. If present, do not treat burrows.

General Considerations:
NOTICE: It is a Federal offense to use any pesticide in a manner that results in the death of a member of an endangered species.
Specific Considerations:
Use this product according to the label instructions to protect endangered species.
Carefully observe areas to be treated. Apply cartridges only to burrow systems or dens currently being used by target species. Do not apply cartridges to burrows or dens known or believed to contain non-target vertebrate animals. Do not use cartridges where vegetation is dry and likely to catch fire.
1. Read and understand the specific directions for the type of animal that you intend to control.
2. Collect sufficient soil, rocks or other noncombustible materials to close burrow system after insertion of cartridge.
3. Make sure the burrow or den hole(s) are large enough for easy insertion of cartridge.
4. Position yourself so that you can light fuse and promptly insert cartridge into burrow. The minimum burn time is 5 seconds. Avoid breathing cartridge smoke.
5. Prepare hold for treatment as specified below [on this label] for target animal control.
6. Insert fuse into cartridge, making sure at least two inches of fuse protrudes from the cartridge (minimum burn time 5 seconds). Working quickly, light fuse and insert cartridge into hole fuse-end first. Never light the cartridge directly [or with less than 2 inches of fuse] nor hold a burning cartridge in your hand. Cover hold immediately with rock or sod, taking care not to smother cartridge. Immediately cover all openings from which gas escape is visible.

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    5 of 5 stars  Revenge Rodent Bomb
    By Pk in Massachusetts on 09/29/2016

    It worked. No more groundhog

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06/12/2015 Sarah from Hermitage

QThe moles are in my vegetable garden. Will these smoke bombs harm my plants?

ANo, Revenge Rodent Smoke Bombs will not harm your plants since they will go in the burrows and dens of animals listed. If you are concerned about your plants and using a smoke bomb underneath it, we would recommend using Talpirid Mole Bait. This mimics their food and is ingested.

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03/16/2017 Steve from Ridge Manor, Florida

QDoes the Revenge Rodent Smoke Bomb have a residual?


The Revenge Rodent Smoke Bomb does not leave a residual. Once a cartridge has burned, the smoke dissipates and is no longer active.

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08/16/2013 Gordon from Uk

QDo you ship to the UK

AWe apologize, but we are not yet set up to ship to the UK. If you have a US credit card and a US shipping address we can process a shipment.

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05/28/2017 Kevin

QWhat is the best time of day to use Revenge Rodent Smoke Bomb?


There is not a specific time of day to apply Revenge Rodent Smoke Bomb. You do want to make sure the animals are in burrows for effectiveness and away from structures for use.

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03/31/2016 Joe

QDoes Revenge Rodent Smoke Bomb come with the labeling, or just the cartridges?


Revenge Rodent Smoke Bomb†cartridges come with the labeling on the cartridges. You can also find the product label and SDS on the product page.

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07/13/2015 Suz from Cleveland, Oh

QWill Revenge Rodent Smoke Bomb react with any residual ammonia?
I've been trying to get rid of my groundhogs by dumping water absorbing crystals soaked with ammonia into the burrow but they keep coming back. Will this product react with any residual ammonia?


Revenge Rodent Smoke Bomb is not recommended to be used where ammonia may be present. Bonide has recommended that  you contact them directly 800-536-8231, because they would like more specifics. 

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05/15/2014 Luke from Minnetonka, Mn

QWill the Revenge Rodent Smoke Bomb work on voles?


Revenge Rodent Smoke Bomb is labeled for pocket gophers and woodchucks. For more products that we carry for vole control, please click the link below.


Vole Control Products

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09/27/2016 Avery from Tavares, Fl

QWhen using the Revenge Rodent Smoke Bomb is the cartridge supposed to burn all the way?
I used a couple of cartridges, and it doesn't feel like they are empty. Are the cartridges supposed to burn all the way through or only part way?


No, the Revenge Rodent Smoke Bomb does not burn all the way down; it will only burn about halfway down.

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