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Rodent Baiting Kit

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  • 11 of 12 people found this review helpful:

    1 of 5 Stars   not impressed with bait
    By Daniel on 02/03/2015
    Verified Purchase

    I put out the boxes with the bait about 2 weeks ago and do not see any feeding activity in the stations. I see a lot of rat trails but no dead rats. I am not satisfied with this bait and may have to go back to warfarin type bait

    Expert Response  Expert response:
    There are several reasons why you may not see feeding activity on the Fastrac Blox. Firstly, rats are neophobic, meaning they are not trusting of new items in their environment, so it will take some time for them to get used to new stations being placed in their environment. You should be sure to eliminate any competing food sources in the environment so that the bait is the only attractive food source. Be sure to use gloves or a tool such as tongs to handle the bait. Fastrac is also a single feed bait, which means rodents only have to feed on it once to consume a lethal dose of active ingredient. Because of this, it is sometimes difficult to tell when rodents have already fed on bait placements. Keep in mind that warfarin or other first-generation anti-coagulants are multi-feed baits, meaning the rodents need to feed on the baits many times to consume a lethal dose. This can sometimes lead to resistance when baiting populations over long periods of time. We are also happy to discuss your situation over the phone at 866-581-7378 M-F 9a-5p EST.

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  • 5 of 5 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 Stars   Did the Job
    By Hs on 12/30/2014

    A couple of acres had been cleared almost a year ago to build a house and the field mice resettled into my home. At first we tried catch and release elsewhere. Although, we got rid of a mice here and there, we were fighting a losing battle. In frustration and looking for any solution, I was told about the EZ Clean Rodent Station. Within the week, it appears that the mice have been wiped out.

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  • 4 of 4 people found this review helpful:

    4 of 5 Stars   Rodent station case, six stations
    By Jim on 04/27/2013
    Verified Purchase

    Good deal, the stations work well. The case should include several keys, not just one, since I am using the boxes in several locations with different people maintaining them.

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  • 3 of 3 people found this review helpful:

    2 of 5 Stars   I don't know
    By Wolfgang on 07/09/2016
    Verified Purchase

    currently I'm disappointed from that product. I ordered it after others were enthusiastic from the success. On another website I read that rats are very carefully and they doesn't accept new things so fast. We positioned 4 of the traps and waited for some days. The rats ignored it for the first couple days, but now they come back every night with a good appetite. I don't want to feed them, I want to kill them. Conclusion: It doesn't work so far.

    Expert Response  Expert response:
    Please note that as long as the rats are feeding they dying. In most scenarios, consumers just do not realize how much bait it takes to make a lethal dose or they do not realize how many rats they actually have. Please give the product a little more time and we think you will be very happy with the end results. We are also available to help you troubleshoot if needed support@domyownpestcontrol.com or 866-581-7378.

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  • 1 of 1 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 Stars   Exactly what I needed!
    By Scott on 09/26/2012
    Verified Purchase

    Exactly what I needed to control the rodents around my home. Fast shipping, good price, and the kit included everything you need. Note on the boxes, they come with a log sticker (nice bonus) along with metal bars to put bait horizontally, or you can leave them out and use the plastic vertical pegs.

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  • 1 of 1 people found this review helpful:

    5 of 5 Stars   Just as expected
    By Bc on 07/26/2016

    It was all just as I expected and priced fairly. They are out there and doing their job. I have a friend who pays to have this done, they only show up (if they remember to show up) once a quarter and charger her twice what I paid to buy these bait stations and bait. Can't be sure yet but I don't think we have any more rodents.

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  • 1 of 1 people found this review helpful:

    2 of 5 Stars   Too Large for Home Use
    By Normand on 02/12/2017

    Although the product is excellent and the EZ Clean bait stations are good they are not what I was looking for. I did not expect them to be so large. I needed some for inside the home and when I was buying the product I was never made aware of the size of the bait stations, so I bought something for a commercial building without realizing it. I still have that one elusive mouse who has dodged the glue traps and has avoided the bait snap trap. My fault not the company's.

    Expert Response  Expert response:
    Thank you for your comments! The EZ Klean stations are large enough for either mice or rats, and they are tamper-resistant, which is ideal in residential areas or where there may be non-target animals or children in the vicinity. We do sell smaller mouse bait stations, as well as a variety of traps. You can browse our Mouse Bait Stations here: http://www.domyownpestcontrol.com/mouse-bait-stations-c-21_334.html Please let us know if we can further assist you!

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  • 5 of 5 Stars   Great Deal
    By Eugene on 10/05/2015

    The bait kit is easy to set up. I like the idea of having a choice of how to place the bait in the station depending on how wet an area is. I had signs of feeding right after I put out the bait stations. I have not seen any dead mice but that is okay because they are dead somewhere. I like the lock and key It makes the kit very safe.

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Displaying 1 to 8 (of 8 reviews)