Santa Fe CrawlGuard Sump Pump Kit (4032080)


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Santa Fe CrawlGuard Sump Pump Kit (4032080)
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The Santa Fe CrawlGuard Sump Pump Kit is a tool used that effectively prevents any water flooding on any crawlspace or basement. It has a 15 gallon radon approved basin with a heavy duty pump. The powder coated, aluminum material motor housing provides more cooling capacity compared to a cast iron material. This sump pump also features a quick and easy disconnect power cord with vertically mounted float to monitor the liquid flow. Its polypropylene base allows any solid material to pass through without clogging the unit and still have continuous flow away from the building. Product weighs 20 lbs.

Other features of the Santa Fe CrawlGuard Sump Pump:

  • Sump pump basin lid has a 1½″ outlet for water discharge — large enough for efficient pumping (45 gallons per minute) and a 3″ vent hole for venting radon gas and odors to the outdoors
  • 15 gallon basin with an “Anti-Float” plate mounted on the bottom to prevent hydrostatic water pressure from pushing the basin out of the ground in areas with high water tables.

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11/22/2015 Kip from Random Lake, Wi

QWhat are the Santa Fe CrawlGuard Sump Pump Kit (4032080) sump basin dimensions, height and width?
And total height base to discharge?


The dimensions of the Santa Fe CrawlGuard Sump Pump Kit (4032080) base are 10.5 inches high by 9.6 inches wide. You can view more information on the spec sheet here. The basin is approximately 18.5 inches high and 19 inches in diameter.

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