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Prime Source Regulate Fungicide

Prime Source's Regulate Fungicide is a systemic fungicide that provides control of certain diseases in turf, ornamentals & greenhouses. With a unique water-based formulation, Regulate Select is low odor and mixes thoroughly and easily into most commonly used fungicide and fertilizer tank mixes. Regulate Select works both through contact action with the root system, as well as systemic movement through the entire plant. This combination works quickly and aggressively to stop and prevent Pythium infections.

  • Effectively controls Pythium in all turf species
  • Low odor
  • Unique water-based flowable formulation
  • Exceptional tank mix compatibility
  • Same use rate as Subdue Maxx
  • For use on both established and newly seeded turf

The Regulate Select effectively controls certain diseases in greenhouses, ornamentals and turf. It has a unique water based flowable formulation, low odor and easily mixes with commonly used fertilizers and other fungicide tank mixes. This fungicide has contact action with the root system and systemic movement on the entire plant. It controls pythium, phytophthora spp., downy mildew and more in all turf species and can be used both on established and newly seeded turf. The Regulate Select is mainly used in golf courses, lawns, residential landscapes, instructional landscapes, commercial landscapes, public landscapes areas, industrial landscapes, parks, athletic fields, recreational areas and sod farms. This is also available in 1 and 2.5 gallon sizes.

It is comparable to Subdue Maxx. Contains Metalaxy which is the parent molecule to mefenoxam that is the active in Subdue Maxx. Exact usage rates.

Application Information:


  • Use this product on container, bench, or bed-grown ornamentals in greenhouses or outdoor nurseries, and for use on ornamentals grown indoors or outdoors landscaping, for control of damping-off and root and stem rot diseases caused by Pythium and Phytophthora.
  • This product may be applied through irrigation systems, as a soil drench or as a soil surface spray, or incorporated into a pre-potting growing media for subsequent seeding or transplanting of ornamentals.

Citrus In Nurseries And Landscape Plantings (Non-Bearing):

  • Use this product on non-bearing citrus for control of citrus foot rot, root rot, and trunk canker caused by Phytophthora spp.
  • Apply to the soil as a drench or as a spray in a banded application. Make the first application of this product at the time of planting.
  • Make repeat applications at 3-month intervals during the period when trees are actively growing.

Conifers In Nurseries and Plantations (Including Christmas Trees):

  • Use of this product will aid in the control of Phytophthora root rot when used in conjunction with good cultural practices.
  • The use of this product will not overcome poor management practices, such as planting on sites that are prone to flooding or are poorly drained.
  • This product will not revitalize trees showing moderate to severe disease symptoms.


  • This product controls Pythium blight and Pythium damping-off in turf, yellow tuft (downy mildew) in bluegrass and downy mildew in St. Augustine grass.
  • For optimum results, begin applications before symptoms occur when conditions first favor disease.
  • During periods of prolonged conditions favorable for disease development, use on a 14-day schedule For long-term control of Pythium in areas when using seed treated with the active ingredient contained in this product, make an application of this product 7 to 10 days after seeding.
  • For control of other diseases of turf, use Propiconazole Select alone or in a tank-mix combination with this product.

STORAGE: Store in cool dry location. Do not store in direct hot sunlight. Do not store above 90 degrees Fahrenheit for prolonged periods of time. After prolonged storage in intense cold, allow product to return to approximately 75 degrees Fahrenheit before using.


Add 1/4 to 1/2 of the required amount of water to the spray tank. With the agitator running, add this product to the tank. Continue agitation while adding the remainder of the water. Begin application of the spray solution after this product has completely dispersed into the mix water. Maintain agitation until all of the mixture has been sprayed.

This product is usually compatible with Propiconazole, S-metolachlor, Chlorothalonil, Mancozeb and Azoxystrobin.

To determine the compatibility of this product with these and other products, pour the products into a small container of water in the correct proportions.

After thorough mixing, let stand for 5 minutes. If the combination remains mixed, or can be remixed readily, the mixture should be considered compatible.

REGULATE SELECT + Tank Mixtures:

Add 1/4 to 1/2 of the required amount of water to the spray lank. Start the agitator before adding any tank-mix partners. In general, tank-mix partners should be added in this order:

  • Wettable powders
  • Dry flowable formulations
  • Liquid flowable formulations
  • Microencapsulated formulations and
  • Emulsifiable concentrates

Always allow each tank-mix partner to become fully dispersed before adding the next product. Provide sufficient agitation while adding the remainder of the water and this product to the spray tank. Allow this product to completely disperse into the mix water. Maintain agitation until all of the mixture has been sprayed.

NOTE: When using this product in tank mixtures, all products in water-soluble packaging should be added to the tank before any other tank-mix partner, including this product. Allow the water soluble packaging to completely dissolve and the product(s) to completely disperse before adding any other tank mix partner to the tank.

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