Sencor 75 Turf Herbicide


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Sencor 75 Turf Herbicide

The Sencor 75 Turf Herbicide is a selective post-emergent wettable granule that is specially formulated for a long lasting and effective management of vigorous weeds in dormant and actively growing bermudagrass turf. It features a broad spectrum weed control without causing any damage to well established bermudagrass. Sencor 75 targets wild mustard, white clover, annual bluegrass, chickweed, henbit and many more. For application, spray equipment must be thoroughly cleaned to removed remaining traces of herbicide that might injure other areas to be sprayed. Also, it is essential that the sprayer must be accurately calibrated before utilization. Check if it is working properly and delivering a uniform spray pattern.

Sencor 75% Turf Herbicide is intended for application by commercial applicators only on established Bermuda grass turf (such as parks, athletic fields, golf course fairways and cemeteries) which has a mowing height of one-half inch or greater.


Fill the spray tank 1/4 to 1/3 full with clean water and add SENCOR 75% Turf Herbicide at the recommended rate. Mix thoroughly and add water to fill spray tank. Maintain sufficient agitation during mixing and spraying operations to insure a uniform spray mixture.

It is necessary that the sprayer be accurately calibrated before applying SENCOR 75% Turf Herbicide. Avoid boom-overlaps that will increase dosages above those recommended. Check the sprayer frequently during application to be sure it is operating properly and delivering a uniform spray pattern.

Besides herbicides, what are some strategies to prevent weeds?

In addition to a good herbicide program, other factors can help prevent the spread of most weed varieties. Improper irrigation and unbalanced, multinational levels result in thick, weak turf, which is more susceptible to diseases and weeds. Vertical cutting and other cultivations should coincide with optimum conditions for a healthy fill-in. Remember, sanitation can be your best weapon against the spread of weeds. Mowers, vertical cutters and other equipment should be thoroughly cleaned on a routine basis.

Please read label for specific instructions and to see a detailed list of types of weeds covered.

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02/15/2015 Joe from Atwater Ca

QCan Sencor 75 Turf Herbicide be purchased in a smaller quantity?

AWe apologize but we are pretty positive the manufacturer only produces the Sencor 75 in the one 5lb size as its a commercial grade product produced for larger applications by companies. We would be happy to check for you though. If you tell us what you are looking to control, how much area and what type of turf the targeted plant is coming up in we can try to find an alternative product to meet your needs. 

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02/04/2017 Pete from San Antonio, Tx

QHow long does Sencor 75 Turf Herbicide last on the shelf once opened?


Sencor 75 Turf Herbicide has a shelf life of 3-5 years once opened as long as it is stored away from extreme cold or hot temperatures.

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