SePRO Pipron Liquid Concentrate Fungicide


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SePRO Pipron Liquid Concentrate Fungicide
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SePRO Pipron Liquid Concentrate Fungicide is an effective fungicide that helps control powdery mildew on ornamentals grown in commercial greenhouses, and similar enclosed structures. This premium liquid concentrate formulation uses Piperalin as its active ingredient which helps prevent and eradicate powdery mildew-causing fungi that destroys your plants. It is gentle on foliage and floral tissue and is compatible with most pesticides.

Application Directions

Mix Pipron Liquid Concentrate with water and apply as a spray to the plants. Sufficient pressure and volume of water should be used in spraying Pipron Liquid Concentrate to ensure thorough coverage of all plant surfaces. Special care should be taken to thoroughly wet new terminal growth and plant areas already infected with powdery mildew.

Better disease control may be achieved when applications are made in early morning or evening when the foliage will remain moist longer.

Under certain conditions, such as hard to wet rose leaves or dense mildew growth, the use of a surfactant is recommended to enhance efficacy. Refer to surfactant label for dose, compatibility, and plant safety information.

Mixing instructions: Fill the spray tank 1/2 - 3/4 full with water, and the proper amount of Pipron Liquid Concentrate, then add the rest of the water. Agitate constantly during mixing and application to maintain a uniform emulsion.

For broader spectrum control, Pipron Liquid Concentrate can be mixed with other fungicides and insecticides. Check compatibility for tank-mixes. Observe all directions, precautions, and limitations on label of all products used in tank-mixes.

Tank-mixing: If Pipron Liquid Concentrate is tank-mixed with other products, use the following sequence:

  1. Always check the compatibility of the tank-mix using a jar test with proportionate amounts of Pipron Liquid Concentrate, other chemicals to be used, and water, before mixing in the spray tank.
  2. Provide sufficient jet or mechanical agitation during filling and application to keep the tank-mix uniformly suspended.
  3. Fill tank at least 1/2 full of clean water.
  4. Add wettable powders to the tank first, allowing them to completely suspend in the tank before proceeding. This process can be hastened by premixing the product in water before adding to the tank.
  5. Add flowables or suspensions next.
  6. Add Pipron Liquid Concentrate and other emulsifiable concentrates last.
  7. Do not leave tank-mix combinations in the spray tank for prolonged periods without agitation. Mix and apply them the same day.
  8. You must test the tank-mix on a small number of plants to confirm efficacy and plant safety.

Rates and Spraying Schedule: To control powdery mildew, add to each 100 gallons of water 4 to 8 fluid ounces of Pipron Liquid Concentrate. If a surfactant is to be used, add to the diluted Pipron Liquid Concentrate emulsion.

Apply the low rate soon after the first leaves expand or the first symptoms of powdery mildew appear. Use the high rate if powdery mildew is already present.

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