Soil Cover 70 / 30 Blend with Tack


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Soil Cover 70 / 30 Blend with Tack bag (50 lbs)

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Soil Cover 70 / 30 Blend with Tack

The Soil Cover 70/30 Blend with Tack is a great ground cover that makes any bare area look healthy and presentable. This Soil Cover 70/30 can hold 13.5 times its weight with water and improving yield. Referring to a plant that grows over an area, a soil cover provides protection from erosion and drought. It also provides great aesthetical appearance making any outdoor living area presentable to others. This soil cover easily blends in with the environment, making it as natural looking as possible.


Use approved hydro-spraying machines with fan-type nozzle (50-degree tip). Apply HM from opposing directions to soil surface. Rough surfaces (rocky terrain, cat tracks and ripped soils) may require higher application rates to achieve 75% cover. Slope interruption devices or water diversion techniques are recommended when slope lengths exceed 18 feet (5.5 m).  Maximum slope length is for product applications on a 4H:1V slope. For application on steeper slopes, slope interruption lengths may need to be decreased based on actual site conditions.  Not recommended for channels or areas with concentrated water flow.  No chemical additives with the exception of fertilizer, liming and biostimulant materials should be added to this product.

For Erosion Control and Revegetation: To ensure proper application rates, measure and stake area.

Hydraulic mulch may be applied in a one-step process where all components may be mixed together in single tank loads. Consult with manufacturer for further details.

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05/25/2015 Chris from Hampstead, Nh

QHow many sq. ft. to 1 bag of this product?
I'm planning an area with slopes that is roughly 18-20,000 sq. ft. How many bags of this will I need? What else will I need, or does this have seed in it too?


With Soil Cover 70/30 Blend with Tack, there are a lot of determining factors that will show how much a bag treats, such the slope size. We would recommend using the Product Analysis Calculator on their website that will give you a number on how many bags you need. The "Project and Conversion Information" tool would assist you best.

Also, you will mix seed with the Soil Cover when spreading.

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