Soil Cover Wood with Tack


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Soil Cover Wood with Tack bag (50 lbs)
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Soil Cover Wood with Tack

Soil Cover Wood with Tack will reduce soil erosion while helping improve turf coverage. It's made of 100 percent wood fiber and can hold 12 times its weight in moisture to enhance seed survival rates. The thermally refined wood fiber also absorbs water quickly. Profile Soil Cover ensures even distribution of strands of grass by forming a homogeneous slurry. It is dyed in dark green color for an easy metering. This product comes in a 50-pound bag with a tackifier included. It will help eliminate an extra step of field-mixing tackifier.

Application/Loading Procedures:

A. Strictly comply with equipment manufacturer’s installation instructions and recommendations.

B. Measure and stake area to ensure proper application rates.

C. For maximum performance, apply in a two-step process:

  1. Apply fertilizer with specified prescriptive agronomic formulations along with 50% of seed with a small amount of mulch for visual metering.
  2. Mix balance of seed and apply mulch at a rate of 50 pounds per 100 gallons of water over freshly seeded surfaces. See loading chart above and confirm loading rates with equipment manufacturer. Do not leave seeded surfaces unprotected, especially if precipitation is imminent.

D. Fill 1/3 of the hydroseeder with water. Turn pump on for 15 seconds and purge and pre-wet lines. Turn pump off.

E. Turn agitator on and load low density materials firrst (i.e. seed).

F. Continue slowly filling tank with water while loading mulch into tank.

G. Consult loading chart above to determine the number of bags to be added for desired area and application rate.

H. Mulch should be completely loaded before water level reaches 90% of the top of tank.

I. Add fertilizer and top off with water.

J. Mix until all fiber is fully broken apart and hydrated (minimum of 10 minutes—increase mixing time when applying in cold conditions). This is very important to fully activate tackifiers and to obtain proper viscosity.

K. Shut off recirculation valve to minimize potential for air to be drawn into the slurry.

L. Slow down agitator and start applying with a 50-degree fan tip nozzle.

M. Spray in opposing directions to achieve at least 75% soil coverage.

* Hydraulic mulch may be applied in a one-step process where all components may be mixed together in single tank loads. Consult with manufacturer for further details.

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