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Soil Moist Granules

Soil Moist Granules is an effective water management aid that reduces plant waterings by half, helping to save money, time, and labor. It is a synthetic, acrylic polymer with a potassium salt base that's guaranteed to be safe and non-toxic. Soil Moist helps lessen transplanting shock and plant stress because it absorbs and releases water in soil when necessary. It will maintain vigorous plants, encourages deep root penetration, and reduces soil compaction. It will last for several seasons, around 3 to 5 years in the soil, making it very cost-effective. It is ideal to use with indoor and outdoor plantings such as flower beds, trees, shrubs, baskets, containers, vegetables and turf-grass.


The hydrophilic acrylic polymer particle size distribution has been selected to insure rapid initial uptake of water by a portion of the polymer followed by slower absorption of water by the balance of the polymer. Good initial soaking is required to insure that both the soil and the polymer absorb water to their maximum levels.

From the initial soaking,the polymer will soften and swell as water is absorbed. The polymer captures and stores water that would normally percolate through the soil. As the potting system dries the polymer will release its water reservoir. As an added benefit the continuous expansion and contraction of the polymer prevents the soil system from crusting hard. Though the polymer is soft, it prevents soil compacting.


  • Reduces plant waterings
  • Maintains vigorous plants
  • Encourages deep root penetration
  • Reduces soil compaction
  • Minimizes transplant shock
  • Lasts several seasons
  • Cost effective


Mix two ounces of SOIL MOIST granular per one foot of rootball. Mix a majority of the polymer around the planting hole, mix balance with backfill. Do not amend the top two inches with polymer. Water liberally. Rate should be increased to three ounces per one foot of rootball in sandy soils.

  • 1/2 oz. per 4 in. rootball
  • 1 oz. per 8 in. rootball


Flower Beds, Ornamental Gardens
(1000-2000 or 2000-4000 microns)

Two methods available:

  1. Sprinkle a small amount (1/2 tsp.) of SOIL MOIST in the plant hole, plant and cover with soil.
  2. Apply one pound of SOIL MOIST per 100 square feet of ground area and spread the polymer and work into the soil at a depth of three to four inches.

Note: Soil Moist must be incorporated into the soil at the root level of the plant/green good. Do not top dress or place on the surface. All of Soil Moist products should be kept out of drains. Dispose of in trash container. If material should enter a drain, add table salt and flush with hot water. Although Soil Moist products are non-toxic and environmentally safe, they are not food products and should not be taken internally. Keep out of reach of children, or children should be supervised by an adult when handling these products.

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