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Solo Backpack 450 sprayer
The Solo 450 has been discontinued and has been replaced by the Solo 451 model.
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Solo Backpack 450

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Motorized Backpack Mistblower, 53cc, 3.3 hp, 3 gallon capacity, 22 lbs. Solo's largest, most powerful mistblower for plant and crop protection, and pest control. Provides more power, mist volume, and capacity than the smaller 444. Incorporates low noise and long running time of our new air and mistblower families.

Comes complete with a special spray nozzle with 4 settings, wide-angle, diffuser screen deflector and push-on double screen. Weighs 25 lbs. Engine 3HP, 53cc. Horizontal range is 38 ft. Air volume 805 CFM. Made in Germany.  

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    5 of 5 stars  Works well
    By Eric in Fryeburg, ME on 01/26/2011

    I bought one for my campground, once I recognized that the insecticide the company hired to control mosquitoes was available over the counter at our local farmer's supply. It was convenient, reliable, and allowed access to more places than the commercial applicator reached. I only regret not buying it sooner.

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07/31/2011 Stew

QFogging vs. Spraying
What is more effective? Fogging or spraying for mosquitoes?

ABoth application methods are very effective as long as the applicator is thorough. Foggers of course make it easy to apply the product you choose into hard to reach places like the underside of leaves where mosquitoes like to harbor. One big difference is the types of products that can be used in a fogger vs a sprayer. Most fogging solutions consist of a short acting insecticide which will only offer a fast knockdown but will not leave a long lasting residual (Riptide, ULD BP-100). Spraying on the other hand gives you the option of using a product with a longer lasting residual (Talstar P, Equil Lambda 9.7). The Solo Backpack 450 is actually a mist blower, not a fogger and it can be used with a product such as Talstar for mosquito control.

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07/29/2011 Stewart

QSolo Backpack 450 vs. Hand Pump Sprayer
What would be the most effective way to spray for mosquitoes on a commercial basis? Using a backpack misting sprayer or something like the Solo Backpack 450 fogger? I would be using either Talstar or Bifen. Thanks

AIt all depends on how much area you are treating and how often.  There is definitely nothing more convenient then the Solo sprayer since it will hold large quantity and cover a large area faster.  You would have to decide if the cost is worth the reward since you can buy a 4 gallon backpack sprayer for a third of the cost, but it may take you longer to treat a large area.

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06/10/2011 Michael

QIs this a Solo Backpack 450 or a Solo Backpack 451 (the new model)?
Just want to see if I order this will I get the new model (the 451) or the 450? Thanks, you guys have been great for all my pest control needs!

AAll of our stock at this moment is the Solo Backpack 450. Once the new model 451 comes into stock we will update the product page to reflect the change. We appreciate your comments and your business!

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06/12/2011 Mike

QWhat chemical would be best for gnat control?
Looking at this mistblower to try to tame a significant gnat population. Also have an outdoor spider problem in a large screen enclosure (100X30X30) that I'd like to treat. What would be the best chemical for gnats out of a mistblower? And then, same question, but for spiders.

ATalstar P would be the answer to both the gnat and spider control issue. Talstar P is labeled for over 75 different pests including gnats and spiders, is odorless, dries clear, leaves no stains, is non-irritating to the skin, won't break down easily with rainfall, is gentle on plants and can be used in a mistblower.

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08/01/2010 David

QWhat is the smallest droplet size that you can set on this unit?
I need 20 micron drop size or smaller.

AUnfortunately, we do not know the answer to your question. Please contact the manufacturer at (757) 245-4228 for further product information.

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03/11/2012 Ron from Petersburg, Va

QWould you recommend using Solo Backpack 450 to dispense form oil onto concrete forms
my concern is the ppm discharged at the different settings

AAlthough we sell the Solo Sprayers, we are not the manufacturer and we are not sure how well the unit will work with oil. We sell the unit typically for use with insecticides. Please direct your question to the manufacturer which should be able to answer your question. You can reach SOLO at 757-245-4228. Also, please be aware the new model is Solo 451.

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06/06/2010 Steve

Qmotor on solo backpack blower
What motor manufacture or brand of motor does the solo backpack blower use?

AThe motor on the back of the sprayer does not have any markings on it other than the SOLO brand name.  You can call SOLO at 757-245-4228 for specific questions as we are unsure of the answer. 

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01/16/2011 Terry

QCan the Solo Backpack 450 be used to dispense dust or dry powder?

ANo. The Solo Backpack Sprayer is meant to be used with liquids only. We do have several dusters available, including electric dusters that may fit your needs. Please take a few moments to browse our duster page.

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04/25/2010 Ray

QIs it necessary to order ulv nozzle for mosquitoes for the Solo Backpack 450 ?
What benefit does ulv nozzle give?

AYou do not need to order a special ulv nozzle for the solo 450 mist/blower.  It comes with 4 different tips and is constructed for mosquito application and to make very small droplet sizes, as well as for treating other insect problems.  The Solo 450 sprayer comes ready to use.

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