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Songbird Essentials

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Songbird Essentials Seed Hoop for Bird Feeder 16 in. (SEIA30034)
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It is a seed hoop for bird feeder which is durable and made of lightweight materials.

Songbird Essentials Heated Bird Bath (SE509)
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A 14-inch heated bird bath that will provide an ice-free water to your feathered friends during the cold, winter months.

Songbird Essentials Hanging Squirrel Baffle For Bird Feeders 20 in. (SESQ84)
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A tough dome that withstands squirrel damage.

Songbird Essentials Small Hanging Grass Twine Bird House with Roof (SE10345)
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An environment-friendly bird sanctuary that is 100% made of all-natural reed grass and peaked cedar wood.

Songbird Essentials Seed Hoop for Bird Feeder 30 in. (SEIA13921)
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This will serve as a platform feeder to keep birds safe from ground predators and room for more birds to feed at once.

Songbird Essentials Flower Pot One Tube Hummingbird Feeder (SEHHFPF1)
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A tube feeder that you can put wherever you want in your garden or backyard.

Songbird Essentials Cap for Dr JBs Switchable Sizes Hummingbird Feeder (SE6032)
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A standard cap that will fit all your Dr JBs hummingbird feeders and will allow you to convert them into storage containers.

Songbird Essentials Classic 17 Garden Bird Bath (SE508)
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An elegant water sanctuary for your feathered friends.

Songbird Essentials Cedar Heated Deck Bird Bath 14 in. (SE501)
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A bird bath unit that has a triangular mount that is adjustable for your deck or fence

Songbird Essentials Fliteline Junior Oriole Feeder 30 oz. (SEBCO230)
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An orange Oriole feeder from the Fliteline lines with 30-ounce nectar capacity.

Songbird Essentials Round Metal Bird House Portal Protector 1 9/16 in. (SE618)
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Fits to Bluebird houses with 1.56 inches openings.

Songbird Essentials White Jumbo Thistle Sack (SE651)
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A large thistle sack feeder that attracts Goldfinches and other birds like Redpolls, Purple Finches and more.

Songbird Essentials Bird Bath and Feeder Brush (SE601)
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This is easy to store away and perfect to give as a gift for any occasion for any birding enthusiasts.

Songbird Essentials Green Double Suet Bird Feeder (SERUBDSF200H)
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A green double suet feeder that features a tail prop so birds like woodpecker can balance their tail.

Songbird Essentials Post Mount Bluebird Feeder (SESC1050C)
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An exceptional feeder that is specially designed for Bluebirds to teach them how to reach inside the feeder.

Songbird Essentials Super Window Glass Hanger 4 lb. (SE7026)
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A clear acrylic window hanger that is perfect to hold small and medium feeders.

Songbird Essentials Window Suet Bird Feeder (SE539)
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Holds 1 suet cake and is securely held on the window by 2 strong suction cups.

Songbird Essentials Clear Cover for Bird Seed Tray (SE533)
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A geometrically shaped clear cover for the the 12 x 12 inch bird seed tray.

Songbird Essentials Easy Mister (SE7019)
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A tool and garden accessory that the birds absolutely love.

Songbird Essentials Screech Owl Bird House (SE519)
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A sturdy sanctuary for Owls.

Songbird Essentials Best Long Brush 24 in. (SE603)
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A 24 inches brush that will help clean your bird feeders.

Songbird Essentials Black and White Leaping Cat Bird House (SE3880108)
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A fully functional bird house that is hand-carved and hand-painted.

Songbird Essentials Classic 17 Hanging Bird Bath (SE505)
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An elegant hanging water sanctuary for your feathered friends.