Squirrel Proof & Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeders

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Droll Yankees Seed Saver Dome Bird Feeder - Blue (X1B)
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A multipurpose covered dish feeder adjustable to keep out undesirable birds and bad weather.

Droll Yankees Yankee Dipper Bird Feeder (YCPD90)
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Droll Yankees Yankee Dipper 90 Degree is a nice 21 inches feeder with a rich burgundy powder-coated cap and base.

Droll Yankees Yankee Tipper Bird Feeder (YCPT)
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Droll Yankees Yankee Dipper 90 Degree is a nice 21 inches feeder with a 10-inch weight sensitive tray that can hold up to 8 ounces or equivalent to 4 cardinals.

Heritage Farms 1st Birds Choice Feeder 9 lb. (7511I)
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An advanced feeder which is resistant to squirrel damage.

Heritage Farms Chalet Bird Feeder 4 lb. (74240)
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A double-sided bird feeder to attract more birds.

Heritage Farms Vista Bird Feeder 6 lb. (75160)
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A 6-pound double-sided bird feeder for mixed seeds.

Perky Pet Squirrel Be Gone Wild Bird Feeder 12 lb. (338)
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A versatile feeder that holds 12 lbs. of seed, and will attract a wide variety of birds including cardinals, chickadees, sparrows, finches, titmice, woodpeckers, and jays.

Perky Pet Squirrel-Be-Gone II Pewterin Bird Feeder 12 lb. (351)
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Designed to prevent squirrels from feeding on seed!

Songbird Essentials Squirrel Resistant Suet Palace Bird Feeder (SE6000)
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A suet feeder that effectively blocks off any squirrel or large birds from getting any food for the birds.

Vari - Crafts Mixed Seed Bird Feeder 1 qt. (VCAV3M)
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A great bird feeder with cage that only allows small song birds to access the seeds.

Woodlink Caged Seed Tube Bird Feeder 1.25 lbs. (WLTUBE10)
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A tube feeder that you can hang on 1 in. pole without any brackets needed.

Hiatt Manufacturing Grande Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder 2 (50153)
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A sunflower and mixed seed bird feeder with cage.

Woodlink Coppertop Cages 6-Port Seed Bird Feeder 1.25 lbs. (WLCOPCAGE6S)
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Attract lovely birds on your garden or backyard with this classic and beautiful bird feeder.

Heritage Farms Mini Seeds N More Bird Feeder 5.5 lb. (7454)
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A functional feeder made up of powder-coated durable parts.

Heritage Farms Green Absolute II Bird Feeder 12 lb. (7536)
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A large green-colored bird feeder with 12-pound seed capacity.

Vari - Crafts Squirrel - Proof Bouncer Bird Feeder (VCSBF1)
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A great bird feeder that helps you keep those pesky squirrels away by shaking them off of the feeder.

Woodlink Audubon Squirrel - Resistant Caged Seed Tube Bird Feeder 1.25 lbs. (WLNATUBE3)
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A tube feeder that is easy to clean, refill, hang and effectively keeps the squirrels and large predators away from the feeder and the birds!


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