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Stink bugs, also known as shield bugs (due to their distinctive shape), have become a huge nuisance to the folks all over the United States, particularly on the east coast. While the brown marmorated stink bug cannot bite or sting it does like to over winter indoors. Homes and businesses can be invaded by hundreds or even thousands of these large insects each fall, thus the great need to get rid of them. This species of stink bug has become an ever increasing pest in the U.S. and will be the stink bug we are identifying in this guide.

There are five Immature or nymphal stages of stink bugs and they can range in size from about 5 mm - 12 mm. Adult stink bugs are usually about 17 mm.

  • Stink bugs have a very defined "shield" shape
  • Stink bugs have 6 legs
  • Stink bugs have a 2 antenna
  • Stink bugs have a thin pointed mouth part for piercing plants
  • Stink bugs have wings which are somewhat hidden

The Brown Marmorated stink bug has a marbled body with visible a white and dark brown brown banding pattern near the edge of the its body. The legs have faint white banding.

This species of stink bug tries to find a warm place to spend the winter. This usually means the stink bug will invade homes or businesses and squeeze into areas that are largely inaccessible to humans. When bothered or agitated stink bugs emit a foul odor that can be particularly offensive in large numbers.

What Do Stink Bugs Eat?

Stink bugs eat fruits and vegetables and are known to infest and damage fruit trees and vegetable gardens and have become an agricultural pest in some parts of the US.

The Brown Marmorated stink bug was originally in the north east. This species has now spread throughout the US and has been documented in most states.

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