Swan Colorite Soaker Hose

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Swan Colorite Soaker Hose hose(s) (1/2" x 25')
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Swan Colorite Soaker Hose (1/2 in x 50 ft) hose(s) (1/2" x 50')

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Swan Colorite Soaker Hose
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The Swan Colorite Soaker Hose is equipped with a patented water restrictor on the hose to control water flow. Water will weeps from holes in the hose for soaking the roots. An incorporated pressure regulator in the hose end optimizes water flow for a perfect soak.  Has a removable end cap for connecting other soaker hose in series. This Swan Soaker Hose is made from 65 percent recycled rubber and comes with a 7 year warranty.

Comes in two lengths: 1/2 in x 25 ft and 1/2 in x 50 ft.

What makes Element hoses drinking water safe*?
Element hoses are lead free* and phthalate** safe.

What are the benefits of the Agion antimicrobial barrier
The Agion antimicrobial barrier is a silver based antimicrobial compound added to the inside water coat of the hose. It contains a bacterial inhibitor to protect the hose itself.

How should I store my hose for winter?
Hoses should be disconnected from the house, drained as well as possible, rolled and stored inside during the winter to prevent standing water from repeatedly freezing and thawing inside the hose.

Which Element hose is best for me?
The Element line has the perfect hose for every application. Whether you are watering your garden, filling your child’s pool, or using the hose on a construction site, simply click through our product pages to find the best hose for your application.

What is the Element hose warranty?
All Element hoses carry a lifetime warranty except SoakerPRO which is 7 years.

What is Colorite’s product return policy?
If you unexpectedly have a problem with an Element hose and need to make a warranty claim simply do the following:

  1. Cut off both metal ends leaving 5 inches of hose attached.
  2. Cut out a small 4 inch section of the damaged area.
  3. Mail the pieces along with the receipt and UPC barcode (copies are accepted) to:
    Colorite Plastics
    1201 Delaware Ave
    Marion, OH 43302
  4. It is important that you indicate the length of the hose and have a street returnable address.
  5. Please allow 4-6 weeks for the delivery of your new hose.

What is the small blue disc in the SoakerPRO used for?
Our patented pressure regulating disc in SoakerPRO is used to standardize the water pressure and flow entering the hose providing consistent even water flow time after time. When combined with SoakerPRO the washer provides an excellent water conservation method for your plants, shrubs, and garden.

Can I use SoakerPRO to water on a hill?
Yes, the best way to use SoakerPRO on a hill is to lay it out in an S pattern across the hill to evenly distribute the water and prevent over watering at the end of the hose.

Are Element hoses UV protected?
All Element hoses are UV stabilized to maximize longevity in even the harshest conditions. SoakerPRO functions best when buried under a thin layer of soil or mulch.

Can Element hoses be used with hot water?
It is not recommended to use an Element hose with hot water.

Can I repair a damaged Element hose?
You can use any of the commercially available hose repair kits to repair Element hoses.

Are Element hoses made in the USA?
Yes, all Element hoses are manufactured in the USA.

* Meets the lead free standard under the federal Safe Drinking Water Act

** Meets California toy standards for phthalate content

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06/14/2014 Jcbengal from Boise

QIs the Swan Colorite Soaker Hose lead free?

AThe Swan Colorite Soaker Hose is lead free and meets the lead free standard under the federal Safe Drinking Water Act.

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