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Swifter Sifter

The Swifter Sifter removes all the muck, weeds, and algae from top to bottom. If you have beach front property on a lake, or have pond or other waterfront area, this is a must have to get your area from green to clean! Its light weight design makes it easy to throw or carry. The construction of the Swifter Sifter is made of aluminum that is rust proof. Every unit has two ropes with a length of 45', retrieval ropes, and one rope with a length of 25', rescue rope, and locking pins and two floats. Attach the ropes to the front of the open end to guide the Swifter Sifter either across the bottom or top surface. It cleans an area up to 6,300 square feet from one location.

The Swifter Sifter is a lightweight straining basket designed to allow people to remove scum from ponds and lake surfaces. Involves a simple manual procedure and the use of "floats" that are included. Removal of floats allows the Swifter Sifter to sink to the bottom for removal of leaves, sticks, etc. from the bottom.


  • Maintain the look of your beach front by skimming organic debris before it becomes a problem.
  • Bottom Skimmer - Remove muck, twigs, leaves, decaying vegetation, and fine debris that cannot be raked using the Swifter Sifter.
  • Surface Skimmer - Remove top water nuisances including duck weed, filamentous algae, cut weeds, and more.

How to use

  • Throw it in.

  • Skim the bottom or top surface.


  • Retrieve it.

The Swifter Sifter is uniquely designed to remove floating debris like algae, leaves cut weed, litter, or take the floats off and skim the bottom removing sludge, muck, leaves, twigs, and much more. The Swifter Sifter will effectively and efficiently clear your lake or pond of unsightly organic material in minutes. Weighting in at just over 8 pounds, the Swifter Sifter is light enough to toss out from the dock, shore, or boat, skimming and removing surface and lake bed debris. The Sifter Sifter will save you time and money by cleaning up to 6,300 square feet from one location. The Swifter Sifter can help make any lake or pond got from green to clean.

Safety Instructions

  • The Swifter Sifter is meant to be pulled by hand. You should never try to force the unit if it feels stuck or trapped. Use the rescue rope to pull the Swifter Sifter in the other direction if this occurs.
  • Always be aware of others that may be in the lake or pond or around you when throwing and retrieving the Swifter Sifter.
  • See Owner's Manual for full instructions on how to use the Swifter Sifter.

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01/27/2017 Damon from Southwest Ranches, Fl

QWhat are the dimensions of the Swifter Sifter?


When assembled, the dimensions of the Swifter Sifter are 12 in x 23 in x 37 in, and it weighs approximately 8.5 lbs. This does not include the ropes or floats.

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