TechNiche TechKewl Phase Change Cooling Vest - Black (6626)

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TechNiche TechKewl Phase Change Cooling Vest - Black (6626) (vest (black M/L) $160.99
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TechNiche TechKewl Phase Change Cooling Vest - Black 2XL (6626 - BK - 2XL) vest (black 2XL) $161.00
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TechNiche TechKewl Phase Change Cooling Vest - Black (6626)

TechNiche TechKewl Phase Change Cooling Vest is a personal cooling solution that guarantees to provide comfort, prevent heat stress, and enhance performance. This durable and lightweight V-neck vest is made from 100% cotton with thermal liner and it features zipper closure, hook and loop girth, and shoulder adjustment. It uses an advanced Phase Change Cooling Technology which utilizes high purity alkane materials that are activated when exposed to any temperature below 58 degrees Fahrenheit. It works effectively in any environment and it is ideal to be used by anyone who works or recreates in warm weather. Each vest comes with one set of 6665 Cool Pax inserts to offer an extended cooling relief and one cooler bag to help transport the vest and keep the Cool Pax frozen. It weighs 6 pounds including the inserts.

Sizes Available: M/L (100-175 lbs.), L/XL (175-250 lbs.), 2XL (250-300 lbs.)

Other Colors Available: Blue, Khaki


TechKewl products are designed to provide targeted cooling using advanced Phase Change Cooling Materials. These materials are activated by exposing them to any condition below their Phase Change Temperature. This means that Cool Pax can be activated in freezers, fridges, ice water or any other situation where the temperature is below 58 degrees Fahrenheit (or 14 degrees Celsius). This unique feature means that with the use of ice in a cooler, users can re-activate inserts by simply placing them in a cooler full of ice... no need for electricity.

Compared to water, these Phase Change Materials freeze faster, stay frozen longer and are lighter in weight.

Each garment comes with a hang tag and care label that fully explain how best to use the product and care for the product.


TechKewl Phase Change Cooling inserts are activated in ice water or the freezer. They will re-charge in any environment where the temperature is below 58 degrees Fahrenheit (14 degrees Celsius). Simply place them in ice water or the freezer for 45 minutes to ensure that they are solid all the way through. Please note that Phase Change Material solidifies from outside in, so they may look solid after 15 minutes but need the full 45 minutes to be solid all the way through.


  • Specialized personal cooling solution
  • Works effectively in all temperature environments (eg. High humidity)
  • Targeted cooling for key heat zones, promotes comfort and enhances performance
  • Provides targeted cooling comfort and heat stress prevention
  • Lightwight, durable and reusable
  • Phase Chane Material (PCM) releases long-lasting, temperature-specific (58 degrees Fahrenheit, 14 degerees degrees Celsius) cooling relief
  • Commonly used under hazardous material suits, military combat gear, mascot costumes and other apparel
  • Additional PCM inserts are available for extended relief
  • Can be activated in ice water, no electricity required


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08/25/2016 William from Yardley, Pa

QHow long does the cooling effect typically last at 95 degrees ambient temperature of the TechNiche TechKewl 6626?


Typically the†TechNiche TechKewl Phase Change Cooling Vest - Black (6626)†will last 1 to 3 hours.

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