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Termidor DRY Applicator applicator

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Termidor DRY Applicator
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Termidor DRY Applicator is made for use with the ready-to-use 5-gram vials of Termidor DRY. The applicator is easy to use - just screw the vial into the applicator and you are ready to apply. One vial will normally treat up to three average size homes depending on the level of infestation. Three compressions of the applicator bulb is all that is needed for an individual dose and dispenses 0.1-gram of Termidor DRY.

Consider the economic Termidor DRY - Starter Kit which comes complete with the Termidor DRY applicator and two vials of Termidor DRY.

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06/12/2013 Mike from Richfield ,minnesota.

QDo we have to get the wood stain off our ceiling before applying your product for termite eradication

AThe Termidor Dry will be applied to voids where termites are present and you will drill holes into the galleries. This is not to be applied directly to the surface of the wood so the stain will have no effect. Make sure to follow the product label to make sure you are drilling holes in the ceiling in the correct areas and applying the right amount for treatment.

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12/08/2015 Mark from San Diego

QCan I use a different applicator to apply Termidor DRY?
I am sure there is some product label warning that this expensive applicator must be used with Termidor Dry. Is it just an overly priced perfume puff bottle? What would stop me from using my wife's puff bottle, except my wife?


The Termidor DRY Applicator has a unique design that is shaped and calibrated to match perfectly with the Termidor DRY bottles. You should not try to use either of these products with other parts by other manufacturers. These have been designed for professional use and for the most economical and effective†application of the Termidor DRY. You can save money by purchasing the Termidor DRY Starter Kit, which comes with both the insecticide and the applicator.†You should only use dedicated pesticide applicators to apply inseciticides; do not use other household items for pesticide applications.

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10/29/2013 Nina from Burbank

QDry wood termites are IN my bamboo flooring and are making small holes (1.5-2mm in diameter).
Will the applicator tip fit into these small holes or should I use the liquid Termidor and inject it with a syringe? Thank you

AThe tip of the Termidor Dry is only about 1/8 of an inch in size and the hole the product comes out of on the tip is even smaller. However, no matter how small the tip is you must drill into the holes to ensure the product penetrates into the galleries for full treatment reach. Large holes are not necessary but using a small drill bit for a pilot hole would be needed. Termidor SC would not be the product you would use in this situation at all. You would either treat the galleries with Termidor Dry or Termidor foam, or you would need to sand the floors down to their raw natural wood state, apply Boracare at a 1:1 ratio, and then re-stain or seal the floors.

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