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"The best. As simple as that. Good price and fast shipping to Puerto Rico all the time. Highly recommended!"

Puerto Rico


"I want to say that your cockroach gel bait is unbelievable. We live in a five apartment complex, we order Advion. I told one neighbor how good works, so they ordered some. Told my 45-year long friend, they also ordered some. Advion is great, it works. We had cockroaches so bad and now they are almost gone. If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it and its only been 1 month. We will never buy bug spray again. Thank you."



"Website was layed out well. Easy to use, and really informative if you needed some tech info or even a tutorial on your project. I spent time just looking around at the extra info. "



"Great selection, fair prices, quick delivery, but the best is that their site is so educational."



"Wow, how easy you make fighting pests! The quality of your products are second to none, the staff, shipping procedures, the whole process is so easy! Thank you guys for these services."

Miami, FL