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"Professional products at the best price that I could find anywhere. Do My Own Pest Control and save several hundred dollars a year along with treating what you want, when you want without someone going through your home or having to call someone every time you need an extra spot treated after their quarterly treatment even if it is at no extra charge!"

Palm Beach, FL


"I called and asked for information on the products I purchased and was given a very informative and educational answer. I purchased the products because they care about me and what I am doing. DoMyOwnPestControl has what a household maintenance man needs and now I have it to. Thanks to all who helped me and keep up the great work."

Witt, IL


"A company that's great to work with. products and equipment that works very well and shipping that gets the job done. I will do my pest control business with this company in the future. very satisfied"

wonder lake, il


"Your company consistently offers outstanding service and selection. I recently recommended your company to an orchid class I am taking. As for this purchase, your website suggested a lower cost alternative to what I was originally going to buy and I saved over $25!"

Miami, FL


"I only order my products through Do My Own Pest! I have ordered at least 3 times and they are super fast and I always get the product in perfect condition! AWESOME!"

Summerville, SC