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"After spending thousands of dollars over the past 28 years with J.C.Ehrlich to do my pest control,with ever increasing fees and decreasing service,I decided to do it myself. My only complaint is that I didn't do it sooner!! From the ease of ordering to the application of the products and the effectiveness,,,everything was OUTSTANDING. I highly recommend DoMyOwnPestControl to anyone!!"

Chicago, IL


"I used Dominion Termicide on my termites who did not like it at all. I have not seen any new termite trails this month. Hopefully they will not return but if they do I will feel confident this product works very well."

Buckeye, Arizona


"Follow up to post on 5/15/13. It's been better than two weeks now and I can say "The fleas are gone". I have treated the yard once more and inside the house several times. My three dogs are very happy, more playful, more full of life, not to mention we (the dogs and us) can get a full nights sleep without being kept awake by all the itching and moaning. I can recommend this treatment without reservations because "IT WORKS", you will get what your paying for, it's worth every penny of the price."

Waycross, GA


"This is your one stop DIY Pest Control site on the web! There is a wealth of info about their products to help you choose the products you need... not the products they want you to buy...Super Fast Shipping!"

Topeka, KS


"We did not have to use the product we had purchased, as the vermin got itself killed in the mean time. We then returned, unused and unopened, the materials initially ordered. We have been very ++ impressed with the ease with which the return process and the crediting took place. This has created an impression of trust in you on our part. We've also seen that YOU have products which no chain store has (no names will be mentioned). YOUR products have all the characteristics that will make us order from YOU and no one else if needed. We have bookmarked your website under "Health maintainance". Many Thanks."

Boca Raton, FL