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"I have been purchasing pest control products from since 2008, and I have never been disappointed in any of their products. DMOPC has saved me so much money, just by doing the pest control myself, and not paying for watered down versions from the local pest control "professionals". I am truly amazed by the ease, professionalism, and overall experience from DMOPC!"

Houston, TX


"Was shopping for Demon WP as suggested by neighbor. Compared this web site with 2 others. Best price and Loved the FREE shipping. Checkout was fast & easy. I will be ordering more products in the future."

Marianna, FL


"I have been using Do My Own Pest Control for quite a few years. I am completely satisfied and no longer need the services of a pest control company."

Hollywood, FL


"Upon finding out it became a code violation to have bamboo within 25 ft. of a property border I knew my beautiful (to me) bamboo garden had to go. I wandered onto this site Do MY Own Pest Control to find Amber a very knowledgeable woman in the pest & plant control field. She advised me of a product that would surely kill it. I am thrilled to she she was rite on. All shoots were chopped at ground level with a saw-zaw. Then the root stump killer injected with in the 7 second time allotment that the root pulls back its own fluid. I used a 2 oz. dosage syringe for the procedure last fall. The stalks were 40 feet high & ran for 20 feet in a 2 ft containment area that was not containing them by the 4th year. This spring maybe only 8 shoots reappeared & I got right on them as I did order a case of the product. I just wanted to be prepared for the spring when shoots would come up. Excellent product. Excellent customer service. Thank you Amber for knowing your product info."

Brick NJ


"I had the best experience shopping on DMOPC. The incredible wealth of information with the Q and A, the ability to make specific searches in the Q and A, the PDF's of labels, and free shipping sold me. DMOPC is more like a research data base for pest control coupled with helpful user reviews. It is obvious to me this is a quality company that does not cut corners and cares about the customer."

Spokane, WA