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"Awesome service, great products and prices. They even follow up with you a few times after purchase to make sure you are satisfied and/or to make sure you know how to use everything. Considering the stuff I bought I hope I don't have to buy anything else anytime soon. But I have and would definitely recommend others to buy from"



"A Yellow Jacket nest was located in our attic. One application (two puffs) of Tempo 1% dust at the nest entrance took care of the problem. Great products and great service!"



"This company is amazing! I have dealt with them for 3 years now, and extraordinarily pleased, that is until today.But Do My Own made it right! My order arrived damaged (later discovered that possibly the shipper repacked it) anyway one of my liquid bottles leaked on the roach bait rendering it useless. I called and explained my scenario, and without any hesitation my representative offered to replace, no hassles! Rosario was amazing, I offered pictures, which she agreed would be great. I sent the pics asap and I have already gotten an email that the problem was fixed and my replacement is processing. This company rocks! Thank you Rosario and DMO you are both amazing!"

Clearwater, Florida


"I can't provide a testimonial for any product is yet because I just ordered it today. But what I can provide one for is the exceptional customer service I received from Jill. She answered my questions promptly and in a simple language that I could understand. Kudos to management for having an outstanding employee like Jill. Thank you again Jill."

New Hampshire


"I live in an apartment complex. Like most apartments we get roaches. The management has the buildings sprayed once a month. I'm sorry to say I think the pest control company uses sugar water or something. The roaches are always worse right after they spray. I've been buying from DoMyOwnPestControl for a long time starting when we were cursed with bed bugs and the pest control companies weren't eliminating the problem. The results were FANTASTIC. I've been treating our apartment and the apartments of a couple of friends (for roaches) and we're trying to talk the management into firing the company they're using and buying from DoMyOwn as the results are remarkably better. Thank you for fantastic products and clear, easy to understand directions. I'll be a customer for life! "