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"I can't provide a testimonial for any product is yet because I just ordered it today. But what I can provide one for is the exceptional customer service I received from Jill. She answered my questions promptly and in a simple language that I could understand. Kudos to management for having an outstanding employee like Jill. Thank you again Jill."

New Hampshire


"I live in an apartment complex. Like most apartments we get roaches. The management has the buildings sprayed once a month. I'm sorry to say I think the pest control company uses sugar water or something. The roaches are always worse right after they spray. I've been buying from DoMyOwnPestControl for a long time starting when we were cursed with bed bugs and the pest control companies weren't eliminating the problem. The results were FANTASTIC. I've been treating our apartment and the apartments of a couple of friends (for roaches) and we're trying to talk the management into firing the company they're using and buying from DoMyOwn as the results are remarkably better. Thank you for fantastic products and clear, easy to understand directions. I'll be a customer for life! "



"Just received my order. This is the second time I have purchased products from DoMyOwn. Just wanted to say thanks for a good price and fast shipping."



"I live on over 10 acres, so hiring a pest company wasn't a realistic option for me, also due to the expense I thought it might be, and because I wanted some control over which chemicals/insecticides were used. I've done extensive research on the internet looking for a solution, and after more research on bait ingredients and visiting Do My Own Pest Control's site, three weeks ago I ordered some Taurus SC. I don't know how long this product has been around, but I only wish I had tried it sooner! I also ordered Maxforce Complete granular ant bait, active ingredient hydramethylnon, as a "back up" solution, but I haven't seen any live ants to take it! Thank you, thank you!"

San Diego County


"Great shopping experience. The website had all the descriptions and information necessary to make decisions on product. Free shipping - can't go wrong there! The items ordered arrive sooner than expected and I put them to use killing weeds and bugs on my lawn."