DoMyOwn has helped hundreds of thousands of customers solve their pest control problems like pros. Here are just a few of their testimonials...

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"I could not be more happier then the service that I receive from this company. There is never a hassle and you get your products very fast. Being a Pest Control and Termite company owner, it is great to know that I can count on them to get my order to me very fast. Just wanted to say thank you."

Near Gulf Shores Alabama


"A great place to purchase effective pesticides. Good pricing, prompt reliable shipping, and availability of pesticides that can no longer be found at local home stores such as Home Depot, Lowes, etc. Consider me a returning customer"

Charleston, SC


"My only complaint about after several years of doing business with them is that their delivery is too fast. Procrastination is very important to me and they have never given me an excuse to postpone pest control when it's on my honey-do list. Then again, using their products I have found that pest control comes up on the list a whole lot less often. You can't do better."

Midway, GA


"Great staff. I sent an email late one night with a question regarding the safety of my children and pets. I received an email early the next morning with a product recommendation. Great communication. It was a pleasure doing business with this company! We will order again."

Helena, AL


"I love this company due to if you have any questions, call and customer service are very notable as well as how to videos, step by step instructions. Wonderful! I live in a mobile home in Houston, TX, so the bugs are bad outside the product I ordered can be used in/out of our home! We donít have a lot of roaches just a couple, I keep my home very clean but I noticed ants coming in my laundry room door that leads outside, so I knew who to get in touch with. Thank You for your wonderful products and knowledgeable people!!!"

Houston, TX