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"There was a question about selling me the particular product (a pesticide) that I wanted from this company and I simply sent them some information about the product being registered for use in my state. This was easily done because there was a customer support query form that I could fill out and submit. That query was acknowledged automatically by the website and not long after I received an e-mail stating that they checked into it and fixed up their website. Now apparently they will sell and send me the product I wanted. The inquiry was handled on a weekend, which was not at all what I expected and it pleasantly surprised me. I was quite impressed by this level of customer service for a totally new customer. So far, this has been a very positive experience. Now, if the package arrives in good order within their estimated delivery window, I will be thrilled."

Vista, CA


"It was a fast from ordering to receiving the product. The day after applying the bait, had to sweep the floor due to dead rouches. The kit was what we needed it works great. Thanks"

Jacksonville fl


"Your site seems to have all the professional products that no other site has. I like the unique structure of your website (browse by insect) and the fact you are supplying buyers with complete product label, and MSDS info PDF's. Also, helping residents of states where some products cannot be shipped to is greatly appreciated. Great job!"

Shirley, NY


"These guys rock!! Totally fast shipping; personal care; knowledgeable staff; great products; competitive prices; superb problem resolution (if there happen to be any problems). What's not to like? I'll be back!! (That's not a threat, that's a promise.)"

Central, TX


"Dear DoMyOwnPestContol, I am forever in debt to you. Thanks for making me a bed bug fighter. I thought I would never see my bedroom again. Your fast and convenient service is top notch!"